To upskill qualified Indian youth on Technical/German language skills to provide meaningful apprenticeship/work opportunities

Kooperationsgesuch | Medhavi Skills University

Planned project

MSU is on a mission to foster a more equitable and interconnected global community by promoting the principles of active Global Citizenship. To achieve the same, we look forward to initiating the project in India to strengthen the Global Manpower Mobility Ecosystem and leverage the expertise of German partners in the dual education system.

  • The qualified candidate with/without experience will be admitted in the 1st year of a Bachelor/master's degree and start learning the basics of the target trade, German language (up to B1) and Cultural etiquette in India.
  • They will be transitioned to Germany in the 2nd year for their vocational training/work placement.
  • Post their completion of apprenticeship/work placement in Germany, either they can continue working in Germany or they come back to India to work.
  • The Documentation, Due diligence, German language Exam, VISA and qualification recognition process, and job onboarding will be managed jointly.
  • The cost of such a program, if not sponsored, will be borne by the candidates, and arranged by the Skill Loan Scheme of Govt. of India.

Target Sectors to start with:

a) Healthcare

b) Construction

c) Mechatronics

About the company

Medhavi Skills University (MSU) is a government-notified and UGC, DGT, NSDC recognised Skills University of North East India, established with the passage of the Medhavi Skills University Act 2021 by the Sikkim State Government. MSU is promoted by a group of IIT/Stanford alumni with a vision to bring convergence of the skilling ecosystem with the higher education tracks by promoting in-demand skill-integrated higher education linked to employment and career progression.

Our expertise lies in providing work-integrated skills education both in India and abroad. MSU is India's first pioneering university model, where industries are the stakeholders and influencers in curriculum design and program delivery and provide practical skills training via on-the-job training opportunities.

Requirements for the training provider

We are looking for a long-term collaboration with a German Industries/TVET Institution to impart quality technical and language training to potential Indian candidates willing to explore apprenticeship/work opportunities in Germany.

  • The partner intends to guide/help MSU to upgrade our training facilities with the necessary equipment as per German standards.
  • The partner should be willing to bring its vocational training and placement expertise to India.
  • The partner should have the manpower requirement for its own organisation or the partner network for the apprenticeship/work positions in the near future from India.


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