Looking forward to organize short term training courses, single-modules and workshops with the cooperation of active German companies in Iran

Kooperationsgesuch | University of Applied Science and Technology

According to the missions assigned to the International Co-operation Office of (UAST), which includes international cooperation with targeted and strategic countries, the International Co-operation Office plans to conduct short-term, single-module and workshops with partnerships and cooperation of active German companies in Iran.

UAST is also planning to organize some BSC programs with well-known universities and institution worldwide.

University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST) is the largest public university in Iran. At present, UAST has 309000 students at associate degree, BSC and MSC programs in industry, agriculture, management and social sciences and culture and art educational programs. UAST has got 47000 academic stuff teaching and training the students at 600 educational centers of the university throughout the country. UAST has 12 joint institutes with different ministries. In addition, UAST has 12 technology clusters, and more than 120 innovation centers.

Requirements for the Training Provider:
- Holding courses for training of trainers (Includes: retraining classes, upgrading the level of knowledge)
- Courses on educational technology, teaching and learning methods (pedagogy)
- Holding internship courses, internships for some selected disciplines
- Use of instructors, professors and experienced experts in education and training approved by the German Ministry of Higher Education and Research or concerned technical and vocational trade unions or associations
- Provide credible and international credentials for the above courses
- Compliance with international technical and vocational training Standards

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Organisation: University of Applied Science and Technology
Sitz: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Veröffentlicht: 04.07.2019
Zielländer: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ansprechpartner: Mr. Mahmoud Reza Delavar

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