Looking for German partners for training related to World Cultural Heritage Protection

Kooperationsgesuch | JZs Architects

Planned project

For the following planned cooperation content, any form is acceptable. Such as:
Training Course, Lecture, Dialogue, Seminar, Workshop and ect.
Prefer online now.
Target person: professional.

Cooperation content Including but not limited to:
- Ancient Architecture Restoration and Conservation;
- World Heritage Impact Assessment;
- World Heritage Management;
- World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism,
- Digital Cultural Heritage;
- World Heritage and Climate Change;
- Urban Heritage and Traditional Architecture for Sustainable Development;

About the company

JZs Architects is an architectural design consulting company composed of German registered architects and engineers with domestic qualifications.

Based on BIM and VR application, we are committed to the research and practice of energy efficient and low-carbon buildings (passive design, prefabricated, renewable energy, recycling materials, etc.), to achieve green buildings in the whole life cycle, and to help enterprises improve ESG performance.

Now, we are trying to play an active role in different fields such as urban renewal, rural revitalization, culture, art and commerce.

Our partners include industry experts, practitioners, professionals, teachers and students, who engaged in the practice, study or education.

We are committed to creating opportunities for the above people to learn relevant professional knowledge and up-to-date information.


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