Looking for Fachhochschule (training provider) to work with Chinese colleges to run cooperation school programs (Bachelor and Master degrees)

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Planned project

Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University of Construction approved by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and filed by the Ministry of Education, is a full-time undergraduate vocational university.
- The university has a full-time student population of 8000, faculty and staff of over 800. It consists of six departments and covers 30 specialties.
- ZGUC has fully absorbed the advanced ideas of international vocational education, following
the rules of vocational education, actively promoting the school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of industry and teaching, vigorously implements modern apprenticeship system.
- The college has set up many enterprise authorization schools, like Luban School, Business School for Cultivating Store Managers, Union School of College, Government and Enterprises. Around 28 teaching classes with their characteristics also have been founded, like Elite Class of Luban BIM.

About the company

About us:
Beijing Ivygate Education was founded in 2013. We focus on international education specializing in cooperations in running college programs in China. Moreover, we are particularly interested in working with German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) because some of our Chinese partner universities would like to run the cooperation programs. We can help get the MOE approval.

Requirements for the training provider

The planned project:
ZGUC would like to run Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools program, normally called 4+0 program, which need to be approved by Chinese MOE. Their interesting programs are architecture, art design and digital media programs. The length of schooling is 4 years which means all students will learn German courses in ZGUC and pass the German courses exam. ZGUC will discuss with the German university about annual tuition, curriculum and teacher’s qualification etc. ZGUC and German university will prorate the tuition as their own benefit respectively. During the 4 years ofstudy, students will be strongly encouraged to do exchange study at German university at least for one semester. After all students graduate, we also encourage students to go to Germany pursuing their master program at German university.

- Normally, the Quota of students approved by MOE will be 100-120/year per program. After 4 years of study, students will receive a dual degrees from both ZGUC and German University.
- All students have to take Chinese Gaokao Exam (University entrance exam)
- Language of instruction: English preferred (German can be a required course)
- Approval Organization: Chinese MOE, and local MOE.


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