Partner wanted for capacity development in China 寻找协助我们在中国进行能力拓展的合作伙伴

Kooperationsgesuch | Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft e.V. 巴符州经济协会教育集团

Planned project

1 实施双元制职业教育的培训
2 职业定位和职业生涯规划研讨会
3 少儿以及青少年科学工作坊
4 职业教育中以项目和行动为导向的学习
5 公司内部培训的质量保证
6 工业4.0

We are looking for partners in China for the marketing and organization of seminars about the following topics:
- Implementation of Dual Vocational Education and Training
- Vocational Orientation
- Early age technical education
- Project- and action-oriented learning in VET
- Quality assurance in in-company training
- Industry 4.0

About the company


Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft e.V. is the education and training organisation of employers from Germany's south-western state of Baden-Württenberg.Since it was established in 1971 the training institution has been a long-term and reliable partner for companies and their associations, for schools and universities, as well as for politics and administration.

Requirements for the training provider


Proven record in the acquisition and organization of further training for the educational sector and minimum three years experience in this area


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