Looking for Fachhochschule to work with Chinese colleges for running cooperation school programs (Bachelor and Master degrees)

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Planned project

We have a few partner schools:
Huaiyin Institute of Technology
Guizhou Education University
Guizhou Institute of Technology
Zunyi Medical University
Chongqing Three Gerges University

They have confidence to get the approval of cooperation school programs from MOE. In view of these, they are open minded to work with us, and they hope that we can help them look for German Fachhochschule to run cooperation school programs in China.

About the company

Beijing Ivygate Education founded in 2013, we focus on international education specializing in cooperation in running college programs in China. Moreover, we are particularly interested in working with German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) because we have some of Chinese colleges’ connection to help them look for suitable programs around the world.

Requirements for the training provider

We are looking for some technology-oriented programs, science programs and medical and nursing programs from German Fachhochschule to run 3+1 programs with above mentioned Chinese Universities.

More details:
1. Chinese School: Guizhou Education University (贵州师范学院)
2. School Address: No. 115, Gaoxin Road, Wudang District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
3. Intended program: Data Science OR Big Data Program (Guizhou was assigned being as the Chinese Big Data Center, so they are eager to train many students who are good command the Data Science Knowledge)
4. Length of schooling: 4+0 (All students will encourage to do the exchange study at the overseas campus for one year)
5. Quota of students: 100-120/year
6. Issuing of Certificates: Bachelor Degree
7. Language of instruction: English preferred (German can be a required course)
8. Approval Organization: Chinese MOE, and Guizhou local MOE


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