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Planned project:
1. Introducing German Dual System Education - Sino German Vocational Education Cooperation in Higher Vocational and Technical College
2. Introduce German IHK, HWK and other skills training and examination, cooperate with Chinese vocational colleges, vocational skills training institutions and enterprises
3. Assist Chinese Vocational technicians to work in Germany (Legal basis: 2020.03.31 [[Professional Talent Migration Law]])
4. Assist Chinese students to attend dual system vocational training in Germany
5. In view of our abundant cooperation resources in China, especially in Hunan Province, and the different needs of partners for cooperation with Germany, we also welcome new cooperation projects recommended by German partners

Query details:
1. Sino German Vocational Education Cooperation:Sino-German Cooperation Class, Teacher training, introduction of teaching materials and plans, and guidance of cooperative major reconstruction are all in line
2. Skills training and examination of industry association or other international authority. The training personnel come from the students of higher vocational colleges, enterprise employees and other social personnel with skill training needs
3. According to the demand of the shortage position in German human resource market, the qualified applicants are selected in Chinese Higher Vocational Colleges and other training institutions, and professional training in German and other aspects is conducted in China according to the basic requirements of German government. After passing the training, interviews with German enterprises (online interview or interview in Germany) are arranged, and finally the two parties sign the work contract. Professional and technical personnel mainly come from: different majors of science and engineering and IT majors

About the company:
Hunan Leou Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is composed of senior domestic and foreign education industry practitioners. The Chairman Mr. Mi Xiang has 20 years of successful operation experience in educational projects. He successfully led the establishment of well-known education brands such as China Top 10 IT vocational training brands - Newer IT Vocational Education (Newer IT was incorporated into Ambo education group and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010) and Chinese English education leading brand -Rise English (NASDAQ:REDU).

1. Have the ability of project cooperation and good reputation in China
2. Successful cooperation experience in China is preferred
3. Partners with Chinese office or agency preferred


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