Capacity building of agriculture extension officers and farmers in ICT skills

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The Agricultural project will support the expansion of Government technical services in continuing agricultural programs. The project consists of: 1) settlement on permanent farm holdings of a number of Togolese families over a five year period. It would involve general soil classification, semi-detailed classification, establishment of fire protection belts, and development of tree crops (oil palms, rubber, coffee, cacao, and fruits); 2) improvement in cattle breeding, which includes the establishment of cattle disease control. In addition, slaughterhouses, and meat handling facilities will be constructed, and the required equipment supplied.

Our work is making a difference every day, we focus on sustainable benefits that persist through the medium and long term, to effect a real transformation of rural communities. We offer financing, tools, knowledge and hope. We help in rural people, empowering them to increase their food security, improve the nutrition of their families and increase their incomes. We help them build resilience, expand their businesses and take charge of their own development. The organisation is a national agricultural institution and specialized United Nations NGO based in Togo.

The programme consisted of five learning modules including three basic modules about computer literacy and two other tailor made modules to further improve application of ICT knowledge accrued through the first three modules in agri-extension context.
- Introduction to computing
- Use of Microsoft office package
- World Wide Web usage and electronic communication.
- Application of ICT in agriculture and agri-information management.
- Use of the Internet tools in management and delivery of agriculture extension servicesb)
- Fundamentals of Information Systems for agriculture extension servicesc)


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