Cooperation with higher VET colleges in Hunan Province to select graduates for employment in Germany

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Cooperation with many qualified higher vocational and technical colleges in the Hunan Province (such as Hunan Science and Technology Vocational College, Hunan Mechanical and Electrical Vocational College, etc.) to select outstanding graduates from various schools for employment in Germany. (Legal basis: 2020.03.31 《Professional Talent Migration Law》)

Planned cooperation content:

In order to make the selected students more in line with the requirements of German employers, it is necessary for the partners to provide relevant teaching materials, teaching plans (translated into Chinese) or training materials for 3-6 months of intensive training on professional knowledge for students.

And through training, students are more adapted to the German (Western) logical way of thinking and working style.

Cooperation majors include:
• mechatronics
• mechanical manufacturing and automation
• mold design and manufacturing
• welding technology and automation
• automotive maintenance and inspection
• automotive electronics technology
• electrical automation
• applied electronic technology, etc.

Requirements for the partner:

1. experience in cooperation with Chinese schools
2. able to provide relevant Chinese teaching materials and other training materials required for training
3. partners with Chinese office or agency preferred


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