Set up Train the Trainers Academy and Upgrade curricula for Trainees (a) Engineering students (b) Existing Workers in Mechatronics and Automation

Kooperationsgesuch | AUM (Automation Und Mechatronics) Finishing School

The AUM Finishing School is offering training and up-skilling in the fields of Mechatronics and Automation Technologies to (a) Engineering Students, and (b) Existing Workforce from the Industry. We bridge the skill gaps between Institute and Industry by offering dual mode of training, which is their Unique Selling Point.

Our needs are:

(1) 5 Trainers to become Internationally Certified Master Trainers (3 in Mechatronics) and (2 in Automation Technologies), who will start “Train the Trainers” Programs through the Academy

(2) 200 Trainees in 2-year period to be trained with upgraded curricula as per the Industry requirement

Project Period: 1st September 2020 to 30th August 2022

AUM (Automation Und Mechatronics) FINISHING SCHOOL trains young engineers’ industry-ready with job-oriented skills in mechanical, electrical, and electronic fields.

The Parent organization of AUM Finishing School is Strama-Summit Machinery Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of a German company. The company was confronted with young engineers who lacked practical skills and confidence to meet the needs of existing manufacturing practices. Hence the training school was formed.

AUM Finishing School has adopted basic structures of the German training concept and helped to close this skills gap for the company workforce. Now an equivalent infrastructure is planned for engineers from the local area.

1. To offer "Master Trainers Training" in India and Germany and enable the 5 Indian Master Trainers to offer the following services:
a. To design their own practice-oriented Trainer courses and Training to Trainees in Mechatronics and automation technology
b. To identify and procure state-of-the-art high-tech training equipment.
c. To design and conduct examinations and assessments.

2. A Joint Certification from AUM Finishing School and the German TVET Service Provider for Trainers, Engineering Students, and Employees of Companies who successfully completed the Training as per the updated curricula provided by the German TVET Service Provider


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