Designing and producing blended online VET courses in elevator industries as important part of construction field and establishing a joint German TVET center

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Designin and producing online blended courses (OBTC) in different levels of installation and maintenance of elevators and qualify the skilled technicians who are interested to enter the industry with the minimum in-class training. In most of countries the Technician will be eligible to start and continue their jobs if they attend a continual training course during the years due to learn new technologies and changed codes, while many of them do not access to the classical VET courses. The OBTC are going to be present by Hitatech under German partner’s supervision. The final certificate will be approved by both parties after the trainees passed the final exam.

Hitatech S.r.o. is a privet holding company which has been registered in Slovak republic in an economic zone which are located less than a hour from Vienna. Hitatech is professional in vertical transportation and a member of German elevator technology association (VFA) and also national association of elevator contractors of the North America (NAEC). Hitatech has its own VET training center which support other industries in the EU zone and overseas. Hitatech started VET programs under supervision of Ministry of Economy of Slovak with University of applied science and technology of Damavand in Middle East since 2016.

Elevator engineering as a new interdisciplinary academic branch needs blended flexible online courses which should be easy - understanding for different level of trainees with low educational background. Also the course should be modular and modifiable because of rapid changes in technologies and local codes. Final certificate should be approved by German partner and valid at least in European Union.
Titles of Technical Courses (or equivalents):
1-Elevating devices mechanic
2-Elevating devices inspector
Improving the validity and acceptance of the certificates for the EU member companies.


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Veröffentlicht 2020-04-29 10:12:16
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Ansprechpartner Frau Ruzbeh Mirabdollah Yani

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