TVU is asking for the Online Solutions in TVET to improve current teaching system which is designed for audio visual interactions to discuss issues theoretically not practically

Kooperationsgesuch | Technical and Vocational University

Since the whole world has encountered a very severe pandemic caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, and people are asked to stay home, the need to employ an effective online training system is more importantly crucial than before.
For the very reason, we are willing to learn about the German experiences in online TVET and the possible simulation software or any other materials they are utilizing so that we may implement the system in order to keep our education system working.

Founded in 1974 under the name of "The Institute of Technology", TVU has been training young technicians and experts for almost 50 years.
TVU is a state university affiliated to "The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology" of Iran, responsible for training skilled technicians and engineers, offering more than 100 Associate and 60 Bachelor’s degree programs. TVU curricula focus on training students to diagnose and solve technical problems in industries from the small scale up to the large scale ones. TVU is headed for making its graduates leaders of technology and industry in the near future.

We would like to learn from experts and specialist in the field of TVET who have passed the step and have successful and valuable experiences in employing virtual education systems in technical and vocational education and trainings.


Organisation Technical and Vocational University
Sitz Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Veröffentlicht 2020-04-14 16:23:15
Zielländer Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ansprechpartner Frau Abdolhosein Nazerian

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