Strategic collaboration to "explore diverse professions and enhance competitiveness for provincial students"

Kooperationsgesuch | Mountain Flower Project Charity Foundation

The intention of the cooperation is to focus on enhancing competitiveness for provincial students via Germanys practice-oriented dual-track education and also to explore more market-oriented professions for Chinese students to expand the range of selection.
We want to establish collaboration with a German vocational school, institution or company, that assists students to fulfill the qualification and pass the language exam B1 to apply for an apprenticeship, arrange interviews and go abroad for further 3 years studying.

Mountain Flower Project Charity Foundation ( is a non-profit organization. In the past several years, our mainly task is to alleviate poverty. We are focusing on providing financial assistance for poverty-students to complete their education. However, as following-up feedback, we recognized that enhancing the professional competitiveness for those students could improve their condition more effectively meanwhile, state advocacy/encourage professional education, we then plan to initiate a new project for education cooperation with German vocational schools.

The aim is to create a more practice-oriented vocational and higher education of vocational pedagogy and specialists for selected occupations.
Imparting up-to-date, didactic knowledge of various types of qualification geared towards dual training.
The high practical share of dual training means that the employability of graduates on the labor market improves. This results in higher incomes and more employment, including for disadvantaged young people in rural areas.
Project purpose:
Exploring more practice-oriented professions to meet market demand, professional competitiveness and self-development.
Some students have access to apply advanced education (college) after passing IHK's profession exam.

Currently preferred professions:
Health care:
- Dental specialist
- Dental technician
- Precision mechanic
- Goldsmith
- watchmaker


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