Qualifying of staff for planning, running and maintaining of projects for the various forms of renewable energy technologies

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Considering the growth of renewable energy projects in Iran, we need to have qualified designers, installers and technicians for implementing, operation and maintenance of the installed projects.
Hence, it is needed to have a comprehensive training both theoretical and practical for those who want to continue their career in this field.
Our planned project is to establish a training center (renewable academy) in our facility along cooperation with a company to support training contents and giving certification to attendants.

Tara Consultant established in 1989 and started as an IT distributer company and then continued in trading and manufacturing computer peripherals.
In 2015, we took step into renewable energy market with distributing components from Tier 1 companies like Axitec, SMA, Kaco and Schletter. We also have installed several projects.
Our deputy MD is the head of technical workgroup in IRRENA, so we are always in cutting edge of all changes and currently work as one of the few companies who has complete knowledge and equipment and qualified technicians for installing projects in the form of EPC.
We have passed certified courses like Renac and are participated in GIZ Manager Training Program.

We need a standard and comprehensive course material and theoretical contents to train designers, installers and EPC companies who want to run a solar or wind project. Also technicians and companies who want to do operating and maintenance of these projects.
Then we need a valid certification from the provider to guarantee our training.
It could be possible that the different partners can jointly send us their offer.


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