Study trip for Japanese young star teachers related to STEM education to Germany to study about the vocational education and STEM/MINT education

Kooperationsgesuch | Saitama University

- to know Germany's latest strategy on Vocational education adopting AI and IoT generation. STEM/MINT education
- to know how to collaborate normal school system and vocational education system in Germany

5th Jan 2020

6th Jan 2020 to 9th 2020 (4days)

10th Jan 2020
Observe Science museum and any good place to know about Germany

11th Jan 2020

total 9 teachers (elementary, junior, senior and vocational college) + 1 univ researcher

We are looking for training providers from research area of STEM/MINT education and actual school teachers.

Requested Activities:
- Lectures/Workshops for knowing Germany's latest situation and strategy on vocational education. Especially we want to know the relationship between schools and industries. How to bridge from school studies to real jobs. Germany's trend of STEM/MINT education
- Visiting actual vocational schools and normal Germany schools to observe actual lessons and talk with German teachers
- Visiting special institute such as BIBB engaging vocational education teacher training and talk with researchers and teachers


Organisation Saitama University
Sitz Japan
Veröffentlicht 2019-12-05 10:26:24
Zielländer Japan
Ansprechpartner Frau Tairo Nomura

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