Seeking partnership for setting up new "CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL SKILLS" in Goa

Kooperationsgesuch | AGNEL CHARITIES (Agnel Seva Sangh) Registered Charitable Society

Planned project

  1. India's highly educated workforce is unaligned and noncompliant with European standards both technically and in soft skills.
  2. There is big gap in supply and demand for skilled professionals in IT, Sales, Hospitality and Tourism and Health Care, in Europe and in India's manufacturing and service sectors, at 3 & 4 (middle level) skillset levels.
  3. Our Goa project with 80000 sq mts of Land and investment seeks German partnership for accreditation, knowhow & training in those areas. New technologies in IOT and Metaverse as well as growth in Hospitality and Health Care is in dire need of such a project in the non-profit professional sector.

About the company

We are AGNEL CHARITIES, (a Christian non-profit Society) engaged in Engineering & Technical Education, Skilling and Employment of Rural & urban unemployed. Have 4 Engineering Colleges B.Tech, M. Tech and PH.D in Construction Technologies, Electronics, Computer & IT, affiliated to Indian Universities with 4000 students; 1 Hospitality & Catering College, 1 Business School, 3 Polytechnics with Diploma, Industrial Training Institutes and Trade Courses; Incubation Centers, and Sr. Secondary Schools with 30,000 students. Have skilled and provided employment to 1000s in West Asia and Indi; In the past had partnerships with Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Denmark.

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Engineering College:
Engineering College:
Engineering College:
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Requirements for the training provider

We are seeking German TVET Expert partnership to set up a Highly Professional Training and Accreditation Institute in level 3 & 4 skillsets, i.e. Professionals in IT (Metaverse, Data Analytics, Software Applications), Sales and Marketing, Industrial Design and Operations, Hospitality and Tourism and Health Care. Specifically, we will require support for Accreditation, Curriculum Design and Faculty Training, Machine Operations, and Hard and Soft Skills and assistance to connect with German employers. We commit to pay the consultancy fees to the German partners. Our educational infrastructure and track record is in place.


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