Saudi-Arabien tritt WEF Jobs Consortium bei

Saudi-Arabien, vertreten durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Planung (MEP), ist dem Jobs-Consortium des Weltwirtschaftsforums (WEF) beigetreten. Ziel ist es, die Zukunft der Arbeit zu verbessern.

Saudi Arabia joins WEF Jobs Consortium to promote better future of work

Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP), has joined the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Jobs Consortium, it was announced at the organization’s 2023 Annual Meeting in Davos.

The Jobs Consortium is a coalition of CEOs, IOs, ministers and other leaders with a common aim to promote a better future of work for all by enabling job creation and job transitions. The community of leaders works to boost foresight on labor market trends, support high job quality and fair wages, and identify investments in key sectors leading to good job creation.

The Kingdom's membership in the Jobs Consortium aligns with Saudi Vision 2030 and its commitment to building a thriving, vibrant economy that creates new sectors, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and cross-cutting innovation.

"People are the key driver of any successful transformation and the sustainability of its outcome. Everything we do is focused on empowering our people by equipping them with the evolving set of tools and skills, and creating the opportunities for them to capture, grow, and flourish," said His Excellency Faisal bin Fadhil Alibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning.

Members of the Jobs Consortium met in Davos at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting this week to exchange views and agree on priority areas for action to build a better future of work. In the coming months, members will develop case studies to showcase pathways to achieve the consortium’s vision. They will also seek to implement the vision through scaling country and industry-level action.

Saudi Arabia is participating in WEF23 between 16-20 January to bridge global divides and facilitate near-term stability while driving multilateral reform and long-term transformation.

Quelle: Emirates 24/7,, 19.01.2023