Oman: Vereinbarungen zum Bau von Lehrwerkstätten unterzeichnet

Die omanischen Ministerien Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) und Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) haben eine Vereinbarung zum Bau von Lehrwerkstätten unterzeichnet. Dies ist Teil der Corporate Social Responsibility-Initiative des MEM in Zusammenarbeit mit Öl- und Gasunternehmen.

Agreements signed for construction of vocational training workshop buildings

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) and the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) have launched the construction project of vocational training workshops at the Al Wafa Centres. This is part of MEM's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in cooperation with the oil and gas producing companies.

A contract agreement to build one of the workshops at the Al Wafa Centre in Salalah was signed between the MoSD, the winning contractor (Bin Dablan Projects) and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), who will be managing the construction contract on behalf of the six oil and gas operating companies (Occidental Oman, BP Oman, OQ, Daleel Petroleum, and CC Energy Development).

PDO had signed a contract for building the second vocational training workshop at Al Rustaq earlier this week with (Nasaym Balad Sayt Al'alamya) and is expecting to sign contracts for the remaining two locations next year to maximise the number of beneficiaries from this initiative.

These are the first two of four similar workshops sponsored under the MEM’s initiative aiming to oversee and highlight CSR efforts across the oil and gas sector, align these efforts by the operating companies and provide the necessary guidance to enhance sustainability and social responsibility.

The project includes building four workshops at Salalah, Al Rustaq, Nizwa, and Al Mudhaibi to help people with special needs at Al Wafa Centres to learn and develop their vocational skills to further assist in creating future employment opportunities.

Eng Salim bin Nasser al Aufi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals said: "Our commitment towards the community continues by providing support in various aspects of life and across the Country in a partnership with the Communities where we operate and the Society at large. We believe in inclusiveness of all segments of the society, and are working with our operating companies on this CSR initiative, which reflects this commitment. These training workshops will provide the disabled with the necessary environment and develop their skills so that they can be productive and integral members of our collective society. It gives us great pleasure and pride to serve this important part of our society."

Quelle: Oman Daily Observer,, 30.11.2020