Oman: Lehrplänen fehlt der Bezug zu Zukunftstechnologien

Eine Studie hat gezeigt, dass es in Oman mangelt an Verständnis und einem Fokus auf Zukunftstechnologien mangelt. Gleichzeitig zeigt die Studie, dass die aktuellen Lehrpläne nicht auf dem neuesten Stand der globalen Trends sind.

Current school curricula lack focus on future technologies

A study on the reality of application of future technologies and entrepreneurial education in schools in Oman has revealed that overall there is a lack of understanding and focus for such programmes. The study also found that the current curricula are not up to date with global trends in the field.

Titled 'Reality of pioneering education and future technology in school education in the Sultanate of Oman' the study was conducted by Yasir al Shuhumi from the Ministry of Education. It won the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s National Research Award in the Education and Human Resources category for Young Researchers.

Shuhumi's study revealed that there is no clear formal application of future technologies and entrepreneurship courses in schools. "Only 28 per cent of future technologies are covered in school curricula, and most of these are presented to students in a theoretical manner. This does not help students in acquiring the necessary skills in these technologies for entrepreneurship."

Shuhumi further noted that the study showed the absence of organised and planned projects or activities for school principals, educational activity specialists and career guidance specialists in the field of future technologies. "Even vocational guidance centres in schools do not have any current programme dedicated to training and mentoring students in the future technology fields."

Shuhumi recommended the Ministry of Education adopts a clear strategy and vision to include entrepreneurship in the field of future technologies in school education, develop information technology curricula in line with global trends, and integrate educational activities and vocational guidance programmes to train students in technologies that are not covered by information technology curricula.

Additionally, strengthening cooperation with public and private institutions specialised in the field of technology will support and enhance education in the field of future technologies through training and competitions.

Quelle: Muscat Daily,, 08.03.2022