Oman: Bildungsministerium plant Omanisierung des Lehrerberufs

Das Bildungsministerium des Sultantas Oman teilte mit, den Lehrerberuf zu omanisieren.

Ministry of Education plans to Omanise teaching profession

The Ministry of Education is planning to Omanise the teaching profession, the Ministry of Education said on Sunday. 

A statement issued online by the Ministry of Education said, "The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, on Thursday, held a joint meeting in the presence of H.E Dr Madeeha bint Ahmed Al Shaibani, Minister of Education, and His Excellency Dr Mahad bin Saeed Baouin, Minister of Labour, at the General Office of the Ministry of Education."

The statement completed, "During the meeting, the efforts of the Ministry of Education in the field of preparing and appointing Omani teachers were reviewed, including the ministry’' plan to Omanise the teaching profession and replace the expatriate teacher with an Omani teacher, and the efforts accomplished so far in this aspect."

The statement confirmed, "The current statistics and indicators of the number of those enrolled in teacher preparation programs confirm the acceleration of the Omanisation rate, as it reached in 2020 about 85 percent, and the number of enrolled in these programs in the academic year 2020/2021 reached more than 6000 citizens, in addition to about 2,300 additional seats that will be made available in Higher Educational institutions to prepare and qualification of teachers, whether in a bachelor's degree in education or a diploma in educational qualification, as well as a program for resettlement of teachers in remote areas."

"The Ministry is in the process of opening the door for applications for those wishing to occupy the position of a teacher in order to limit their numbers and specializations, and the Ministry has referred all vacancies available to it to the Ministry of Labour in order to take the necessary measures regarding them," the statement added.

Quelle: Times of Oman,, 24.01.2021