Iran: Über 250.000 Wehrpflichtige erhalten berufliche Bildung

Nach einem 2017 gestarteten Plan, Wehrpflichtige beruflich zu bilden, wurden bisher über 250.000 Soldaten geschult.

Over 250,000 conscripts receive vocational training

The comprehensive plan for vocational training of conscripts, which started in June 2017, has so far trained over 250,000 soldiers.

The plan was launched with the aim of promoting attractiveness and vitality in the military service, as well as training of conscripts in the period before, during, and after the service.
Based on a 5-year plan, approved for the comprehensive skill training, targets 100 percent coverage of soldiers through general, basic, and specialized skills training.

The soldiers have a great role to play in maintaining security and defending the country, and therefore it is necessary to provide support to them and to improve the quality of military service, Brigadier-General Mousa Kamali, head of the human resources of the Armed Forces said, ISNA reported.

In the meantime, vocational training is a new approach according to which the soldier, in addition to performing his main mission and tasks, also learns a new skill or specialty during his service and receives a valid certificate, he explained.

Of course, the goal is not just training, but employment, so we will be with the conscripts after the end of military service and support them to find a suitable job and provide them with necessary facilities, he highlighted.

Stating that in this regard, agreements have been made with 33 organizations, including 9 ministries and 17 organizations, he said that "So far, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with 26 of these 33 agencies, and the rest will be implemented soon so that they will provide the conditions for the recruitment and employment of skilled conscripts."

Quelle: TehranTimes,, 06.11.2020