E-Learning und Kompetenzentwicklung zum Wiederaufbau der Ukraine

Im Rahmen der "Neue Lerninitiative" hat die Europäische Stiftung für Berufsbildung (ETF) ein Soforthilfeprogramm für die Ukraine als Reaktion auf die russische Militäraggression gestartet, die die Bildungsinfrastruktur schwer beschädigt und die Bildungs- und Ausbildungsprozesse im ganzen Land entscheidend beeinträchtigt hat.

UA Re-Emerge(ncy): e-learning and skills development to rebuild Ukraine

In the framework of the Creating New Learning initiative, the European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched an emergency support programme for Ukraine in response to the Russian military aggression which has severely damaged education infrastructure and critically affected education and training processes across the country (see ETF weekly update). 

The purpose of the programme, called UA Re-Emerge(ncy): e-learning and skills development to rebuild Ukraine, is to collect and adapt professional short modules and other e-learning resources from the European Union (EU) and EU neighbouring countries, which will give Ukrainian learners the opportunity to enrol in high-quality vocational e-learning, reskilling and upskilling courses.  Participation in this programme will ensure that Ukrainian learners will acquire the skills and knowledge required by their local labour markets and gain micro-credentials recognised by employers.

In order to align the training offer with the demand of employers, the ETF will support dialogue between sectoral experts, training providers and employers.

The initial phase of the UA Re-Emerge(ncy) programme will focus on the Dnipropetrovsk region and will collect teaching and training materials in the following priority areas: energy efficiency, construction and restoration, and green energy. Active engagement with employers and training providers from the Dnipropetrovsk region will contribute to the recognition of acquired competences of learners and immediate employability of successful graduates of these courses in the local labour market.

It is envisaged that after the initial phase, the programme will be rolled out to other regions and extended to include additional industrial sectors.

This initiative is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Quelle: European Training Foundation (ETF), etf.europa.eu, 27.07.2022