Deutsch-Indonesische Industrie- und Handelskammer startet Education Indonesia

Education Indonesia ist eine One-Stop-Plattform zum Thema Berufsbildung und Berufsausbildung in Indonesien

German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry of Commerce Launches Education Indonesia

In order to stay competitive and on top of the fast-changing business environment in Indonesia as well as abroad, companies are required to invest in the development of qualified human resources through professional training and education. EKONID, through our online platform Education Indonesia, aims to link companies with professional training & education providers.

Education Indonesia ( offers German standard Dual Vocational Education and Training (GDVET) programs, a wide range of inhouse or online trainings through our network of Trainers, as well as information and relevant news about the education and training sector.

"We see how digitalization has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and how crucial it is to find reliable and up-to-date information about Education and Training programs and service providers in Indonesia." To provide this information and to meet the needs of companies in their constant struggle to further qualify their professionals, EKONID, the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, has created "This platform offers information about educational and qualification trends and is aimed to build a network and community between companies and education and training providers," says Jan Rönnfeld, Managing Director of EKONID.

The training and education sector in Indonesia is the main factor of Indonesia's economic growth. Within its goal of becoming an industrial nation by adopting the best practices of "Making Indonesia 4.0", the government of Indonesia recognizes the need to upskill its human resources. Globalization requires companies and their employees to pro-actively take advantage of digital technology in their everyday working schemes to achieve higher production efficiency.

Education Indonesia is built upon a network of trainer for trainers complete with an online space that are designed and tailored to fit their brands and contribute to their success in building and broadening their programs. We collaborate with select training providers to provide the best quality training programs, trusted and curated by EKONID. With a variety of topics - both in hard and soft skills - visitors could choose the training suitable for their needs through our Training Calendar. The Training Calendar enables our audience to check the available schedule of training, the topics, and the trainer's profiles.

Aside from professional training, Education Indonesia also highlights the latest issues on vocational education in Indonesia. Through our German Dual Vocational program, we allow companies and vocational schools in Indonesia to collaborate in creating qualified students based on companies' needs, both in theoretical and practical skills.

About Education Indonesia

Education Indonesia offers services in the following fields: Vocational Education with the German standard Dual Vocational Education and Training (GDVET) also with the German Standard Further Qualification, as well as Trainer Network with Trainers Profiles and Training Topics. The core of the Education Indonesia network are EKONID's partners in Training and Education, that is to say project and strategic partners, as well as the members of the Education Indonesia Trainers Network. You can learn more about Education Indonesia on or by following our social media @educationindonesia on IG, and Education Indonesia on Linkedin.


Education Indonesia

Quelle: Deutsch-Indonesische Industrie- und Handelskammer,, 08.04.2022