Invitation to deliver some short term and/or degree-based electronic and/or electronic and physical (hybrid) VET programs for UAST students and trainers

Kooperationsgesuch | The University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST)

UAST is seeking some service providers to prepare some course contents and deliver them in our short term and degree based VET courses/programs for our students. For the students, the courses/programs can be short courses including workshops, single courses (30 to 100 hours) and modular programs (160 to 480 hours), Associate degrees and BSc. programs especially in the following fields:
1- Energy management,
2- Transportation,
3- Chemical, polymer, cleaning and cosmetics industries,
4- Tourism and hospitality,
5- Disaster management,
6- Smart city and IOT
7- Food industry
8- Elevators and escalator industries,
9- E-business, e-trade, e-education, e-health, ...
10- Industry 4.0

The University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST) has been established in 1992 with the aim of upgrading the occupational skills of the workforce in different economic sectors and enhancing the professional knowledge of fresh graduates. UAST is the largest public university in Iran with more than 630 educational centers, 32000 trainers/lecturers and more than 250000 students including 540 international students in its Associate degree and BSc. programs. UAST covers four disciplines including industry, agriculture, management and social sciences, and culture and art.

- The courses/programs can be preferably delivered in English,
- The training can be in e-learning, physical or hybrid courses/programs,
- The VET service providers which are going to deliver the educational services should have prior experience in delivering such services internationally,
- The certificates provided should be accepted both in Germany and internationally,
- The trainers/lecturers should have at least 5 years’ experience in VET,
- The VET service providers should be approved by BIBB and/or BMBF,
- Thee e-learning/physical/hybrid courses is expected to contain some VET fundamentals and hands on experiences and real case studies be considered in the educational programs.


Organisation The University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST)
Sitz Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Veröffentlicht 2020-04-14 16:21:24
Zielländer Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ansprechpartner Frau Mahmoud Reza Delavar

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