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Comprehensive training offer for the microfinance sector

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management • Online learning platform broadens access to knowledge, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa

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Distance learning leads to specialist welding engineer qualification

International Association of Welding Technology • Blocks of face-to-face teaching and simulations supplement e-learning provision in the Baltic states

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Logistics training for Chinese pupils

Pupils specialising in logistics from a professional training college in the Chinese Province of Jiangsu are completing a certified course in the area of transport and logistics in accordance with German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) standards. The programme will finish in 2019.

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German licences for US football coaches

A group of trainers travelled from the USA to Hesse in order to acquire a C-Licence from the German Football Association (DFB).

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Perfect Indian-German Cooperation via Training Measure

Vocational education and further training on industry 4.0 by Christiani – ensuring skilled labour for the Indian global corporation Bharat Forge of the Kalyani Group

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Vocational schools in Thailand are getting ready for dual training

The German-Thai Dual Excellence Education initiative (GTDEE) implements the dual training programme in Thailand. Following experiences gained from the programme implementation, one focus for GTDEE is currently quality development in the partner vocational schools of the training companies.

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China: Training to support learning culture 4.0

At the Shunde Polytechnic College in China teaching staff are able to complete a modular master trainer qualification. As part of this, they acquire subject-specific knowledge and competencies in didactic methodology to prepare them for the new learning culture 4.0.

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"International trainer aptitude certificate" for Chinese mechatronics teachers

Training in Germany for a greater practical focus at vocational schools and universities.

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E-learning increases efficiency of training

Better achieve your learning objectives with a standardised level of prior Knowledge.