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German short-term experts train teachers in Iran

Since October 2017, the SBH - Education & Craft Foundation (Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk) has had a Vocational Training Partnership in place with Iran. This will continue to run until the end of September 2020.

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German expertise for the first Vietnamese car

Training centre and courses established in Vietnam in accordance with German standards.

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Skilled refrigeration and air conditioning technology workers in Iran

The "Climate Competence IRAN" project provides training for teaching staff

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The virtual classroom as an export hit

Institute for Vocational Training • Customer access at regional training centres

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© Festo Didactic

A training solution for Industry 4.0

Festo Didactic SE • A fully automated learning factory prepares for work in an automated environment

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Comprehensive training offer for the microfinance sector

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management • Online learning platform broadens access to knowledge, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa

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Distance learning leads to specialist welding engineer qualification

International Association of Welding Technology • Blocks of face-to-face teaching and simulations supplement e-learning provision in the Baltic states

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Logistics training for Chinese pupils

Pupils specialising in logistics from a professional training college in the Chinese Province of Jiangsu are completing a certified course in the area of transport and logistics in accordance with German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) standards. The programme will finish in 2019.

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German licences for US football coaches

A group of trainers travelled from the USA to Hesse in order to acquire a C-Licence from the German Football Association (DFB).