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iMOVE is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). iMOVE is part of the international division at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

Exclusion of liability

Exclusion of liability


Content of internet offers

The contents of this internet offer were researched and implemented with the utmost care. As the publisher of this internet offer, iMOVE at the Federal Institute of Vocational Education and Training, assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness and relevance or topicality of information provided. Any and all liability on the part of the publisher or of co-workers and employees of iMOVE at the Federal Institute of Vocational Education and Training for any and all damages which may incur as a result of direct or indirect use of information provided is fundamentally excluded. All offers are non-binding and non-obligatory. The publisher reserves the right to delete, expand or change the entire offer or excerpts thereof for a limited period of time without express notification.

Cross-references and links

In the case of direct or indirect links to external websites outside the publisher's realm of responsibility, liability obligations would come into effect if the publisher had been aware of the contents and if it would have been possible and reasonable, technologically, for him to prevent utilization of illicit content. The publisher expressly disassociates himself from illegal content on externally linked websites. The publisher bears no influence whatsoever on the existing or future design or composition of content on linked web pages. Thus, the publisher expressly disassociates himself from all linked web pages, which were changed after the links were set up. This statement applies to all links and references set up within the internet offer itself, as well as external entries set up by the publisher in guest books, cooperation exchanges, discussion forums and mailing lists. Liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and, in particular, for damages which arise as a result of utilization or non-utilization of said information offered, lies solely with the provider of the page referenced and not with the individual who only cross-referenced the respective publication via links. Furthermore, iMOVE reserves the right, in principle, to delete unsuitable external entries in the cooperation exchange at any time.

Copyright and trademark law

In all publications, the publisher strives to observe the copyrights of all graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used, and to use in-house graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, or, to resort to graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts that are royalty-free. All trademarks and brand names mentioned within the internet offer and which may be patented by third parties, are subject to the provisions of applicable trademark law and titles of registered owners, without limitation. The simple usage of a brand name does not mean it is not protected by a third party!

Copyright for items created and published by the publisher remains solely with the publisher of said pages. Copying or utilizing these graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express approval of the publisher. Copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use are permitted.

Legal effectiveness

The liability and copyright guidelines constitute part of the internet offer, which provided a link or reference to this page. If any part or individual formulation of this text should fail to conform to prevailing legal norms, or no longer conforms or does not fully conform therewith, the content and validity of the rest of the document will not be affected.




The guidelines of the German Accessible Information Technology Ordinance pursuant to the German Disability Discrimination Act are followed during implementation of the internet offer.

iMOVE strives for extensive conformity with the requirements of the German Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (BITV). Accessibility is an ongoing process and, in future, iMOVE will continue to examine, adapt and optimise internet offers.

Should the user experience any problems with the display of the website, please contact iMOVE.

More information (German only)

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to German training providers, who would like to be included in the iMOVE Provider database.

Admission criteria

German companies which are registered in the iMOVE Provider database−be they providers of vocational training and continuing education, consultancy services in the field of vocational education and training, or equipment suppliers - are obligated to comply the admission criteria.

The iMOVE Provider database is open to all German training providers who feel home in international business.

German companies offering vocational training and continuing education which are registered in the iMOVE Provider database are obligated to comply with the admission criteria specified here.

Admission criteria


No costs or fees will be levied to use the iMOVE provider database.

Data protection

Company information submitted to iMOVE's provider database during the application process will be published in the provider database. By going through this process, provider agrees to have data published in the provider database.

Company information submitted to iMOVE's provider database during the application process, will not be transferred to third parties. However, iMOVE has the right to save content and to disclose it to authorized persons, if it becomes obligatory under law or pursuant to a court order, or, if it becomes necessary for the purposes of legal and criminal prosecution as a result of an attack on iMOVE's internet infrastructure at BIBB.

Account, password and security

A user name and password will be assigned to the account with the application. The provider must ensure there is no third party access to the password and account; providers are fully responsible for all activity undertaken using their password or account (including those undertaken by other persons). Providers are obligated to report any and all abuse of provider's password or account, as well as any other violation of safety regulations and procedures, to iMOVE immediately. Provider must also make sure to log out of the account after each use. iMOVE is excluded from any and all liability which may result from non-compliance with these obligations.


It is agreed that educational institutions registered in iMOVE's database will provide a link from their website to iMOVE's home page, using a text link or a text link with a graphic component. Graphic components, an accompanying text and a link code will be provided by iMOVE. The link should appear on the first or second layer of the web page. The link must be implemented within a period of two months from the time the educational institution has been accepted and incorporated into iMOVE's provider database.

Responsibilities of participating educational institutions

Responsibility for content, which providers have provided (the upload), published, sent via email or forwarded by other means within the framework of the service, lies solely with providers or with the company providing said content. iMOVE assumes no liability for content, particularly not for errors, inaccuracies or incomplete information in association with content; no liability will be assumed for losses or damages which may incur as a result of content utilization.

In order to protect the quality of content provided, iMOVE expressly reserves the right to reject individual content accessible via the database and to exclude publication thereof in whole or in part. This applies, in particular, to the following banned content: 

Content disguised as advertising, chain letters or surveys; unprofessional or false content; pornographic content and content that is offensive and otherwise unethical; content that is anti-constitutional or extreme or which originates from illicit groups; content that is punishable by law, particularly racist or offensive content; content that can impair, damage or destroy soft- or hardware, particularly content infected with a virus.

iMOVE reserves the right to correct or delete erroneous entries submitted by providers. Furthermore, iMOVE reserves the right to abridge or change unfavourable profile entries.


Providers hereby declare iMOVE released and indemnified from any and all claims which may arise from third parties through you, as a result of content or associations with content you have entered, published or transferred within the realm of these services, or as a result of using the services, the association with these services or, as a result of violations of these terms of use or by third party rights. This also applies to reasonable legal fees.


Providers account can be deleted at any time upon request. Providers agree that iMOVE can terminate user name, password and account or portions thereof, or any and all other utilization of services and delete any and all content, at its discretion. This applies, in particular, if there has been no activity on providers account for six months or longer, or, if iMOVE assumes that basic principles or terms of use have not been complied with. Furthermore, providers agree that iMOVE cannot be held liable for the termination of access to services by the provider or third parties. If provider's account is cancelled or deleted, access to the database is only possible upon receipt of prior written approval from iMOVE.


As a user of the iMOVE provider database, providers can create links to providers website or sources. iMOVE assumes no responsibility or liability for the availability of external sites or sources; does not adopt or claim ownership of content available via these sites or sources and is exempt from all liability or guarantee with respect thereto. Thus, iMOVE cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for damages or losses incurred as a result of, or in connection with, utilization of content or as a result of material taken from said external sites or sources.

Warranty disclaimer

Use the provider database at your own risk. In each case, the services offered were found to be in good order by iMOVE and are offered subject to availability.

iMOVE does not guarantee that services offered will meet providers requirements or be available at all times, without interruption, be up-to-date, secure and without error. iMOVE does not accept any liability with respect to results which may be achieved by using the services, the accuracy and reliability of the information acquired within the framework of the services, or that the quality of goods, services or information acquired in connection with these services meet providers expectations. Furthermore, iMOVE does not guarantee that hard- and software used for the services will function perfectly at all times or that potential faults in the hard-or software will be corrected.

Revisions to these terms of use

Providers will be notified if revisions or addenda are made to these terms of use. The revised or amended terms of use will only apply once provider use the iMOVE provider database, following receipt of notification.

Last update: August 2010