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Winter examination

244 examinees have qualifications in the bag

"Coronavirus was a boost to digital learning"

During the pandemic, in-person training had to be converted into digital continuing training offers in the shortest time possible. The silver lining to emerge from this difficult situation is now the huge rise in the acceptance of e-learning.

Deggendorf: Söder campaigns for dual training

Modern vocational schools are important for tomorrow's skilled workers, says Söder at the official opening of the new state vocational school building.

Vocational education and training: Strengthening centres of excellence in Europe

As a result of an European Union (EU) commission initiative, more than 100 regional centres of excellence for vocational education and training (VET) and associated VET networks are set to receive total funding of €400 million from 2021 to 2027.

How the Freiburg project "Wegweiser Bildung" is helping

The "Wegweiser Bildung" [Signpost for education] team is helping people to understand the German education training system and together with them is developing strategies for school-based and vocational education and training.

Increasing importance of continuing VET due to digitalisation

According to an OCED study, almost 1 in 5 jobs in the Federal Republic of Germany are threatened by digitalisation. Experts are therefore urgently calling for a new learning culture with continuing vocational education and training forming a natural part of this.

Poland raises the profile of VET education

WorldSkills membership is providing a framework for Poland to build a national system of skills competitions.

WorldSkills Germany supports skill development in Ghana

A new report from WorldSkills Germany details the partnership's successes since it began in 2020.

iMOVE contact point in India: meet the new senior consultant

Since August 2021, Marcus Aust has been supporting the iMOVE contact point in India as a senior consultant specializing in the Indian education and training market. Read his message to German training exporters.