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Karnataka govt's training helps youths find jobs in Europe

Youths from Karnataka are securing jobs in European countries like Slovakia and Hungary through the state govt's training scheme. 94 candidates, including BE, diploma, and ITI holders, received training and assistance for overseas jobs with decent salaries.

Skilled workers for international companies

There is an urgent need for skilled workers in Japan. Why two companies are now implementing Germany's dual vocational training model for the first time.

These are the changes for foreign skilled professionals

New provisions under the Skilled Immigration Act came into effect on 1 March 2024. They provide for simplifications for international students, apprentices and skilled professionals.

200 students will be studying in the dual VET programm of the BMW group plant debrecen

In September, the newest 100 hundred students of the BMW Group's Dual Vocational Training (VET) Programme will begin their studies at the BMW Training Centre in Debrecen, Hungary, which was inaugurated in October and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet all needs.

All there is to know about European apprenticeships close to hand

The 2023-24 update of Cedefop's European database on apprenticeship schemes offers the latest, in-depth information on how apprenticeships in Europe are designed, governed and organised.

China-Germany Cooperation: Taicang in East China becomes a home for German firms

A small city nicknamed "China's German town" is just a one-hour drive from financial hub Shanghai. Over the past few decades, Taicang has attracted hundreds of German firms and huge amounts of investment. Currently there are over twenty training centres. Chen Tong travels to the city to find out why.

Germany takes a more flexible approach in VET

Germany, known for sorting kids into college and vocational tracks, takes a more flexible approach. Facing labor shortages in skilled trades, Germany starts to meld practical and academic studies.

New Guidance on Integrating Democratic Competences in VET Announced

In an important development aimed at strengthening democratic values and practices in vocational education and training (VET) systems, the Council of Europe's Steering Committee on Education (CDEDU) has adopted new guidance on the integration of competences for democratic culture (CDC) in VET.

Super precise! Training for precision opticians updated!

Accuracy within a tolerance of millionths of a millimetre is sometimes necessary in order to meet the high quality demands for precision optics components such as prisms and lenses.