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Profile of an occupation – organ builder

No two organs are the same since each one is individually made for the architectural space in which it is intended to ring out. Organ builders are specialists in a trade which builds on centuries of experience and combines traditional craft techniques with the latest technologies. Organ builder is clearly one of the musical instrument-making training occupations which attracts considerable interest.

Bridging the learning gap through digital STEM education using social entrepreneurial solution

Siemens Stiftung and Ghanaian social enterprise BLUETOWN launch AccessSTEM to enable access to high-quality Open Educational Resources (OERs) in semi-urban Ghana. The collaboration enables up to 5,000 teachers to connect to BLUETOWN's infrastructure and access digital learning and teaching materials on the local cloud. 

Facts about the dual vocational training system

Vocational training in Germany is recognised worldwide. You can discover how it works here.

Strengthening VET by providing training staff with future-oriented training

Training and teaching staff play a crucial role in young people's transition from school to the world of work. Studies and field reports provide evidence of just how important training staff are for the quality of vocational education and training and for the learning experience of trainees.

New skilled labour strategy

The German government is developing new ways of countering the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Among other things, it is modernising the regulations on immigration. 

VET and qualifications across borders

VET, traditionally operating in a national context, is increasingly developing in response to European and global requirements. Priority has been given to the development and implementation of qualifications frameworks at national, European and international levels, leading to stronger cooperation among countries and regions. 

"You always need to be ready to respond flexibly"

Uttam Kumar is a trainee in the profession of "Specialist in the hotel business" at Hotel Randsbergerhof in Cham, in Bavaria, Germany. He prepared for this via a bridging course run by bbw International in his home country of India. bbw International has been a member of the iMOVE network for many years. iMOVE spoke with Uttam Kumar about his experiences.

The age of training regulations as an indicator for the need for modernisation of recognised training occupations?

Occupational qualifications are subject to constant change and need to be adjusted to altered circumstances. But which factors trigger the update of training regulations? And what role is played by aspects such as the age of the regulations in question?

In-company trainers in IVET in figures

In-company trainers play a key role in training apprentices at the workplace. Despite the group's system relevance for IVET in the German dual system, there are major gaps in the statistics. This article examines existing data and highlights possible ways to improve the data basis.