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Use the iMOVE Provider pool to find a German education and training provider that matches your needs. Search more than 240 corporate profiles.

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  • Our database includes more than 240 corporate profiles. Find the German training provider that matches your needs! 
  • You will only find training providers who feel home in international business.
  • The iMOVE Provider pool is free of charge for both you and the training providers.

The iMOVE Provider pool is open to all German companies who work in the field of vocational education and training and who feel home in international business.

Note: The relevant providers are responsible for statements and content.

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iMOVE label

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Latest profiles

Logo: Euro Akademie

Euro Akademie

The Euro Akademie institutes provide full and part-time advanced vocational training programmes.
Logo: Rhein Köster GmbH

Rhein Köster GmbH

“Research, development and implementation of high-quality applied training systems for industry 4.0.”