iMOVE in China

Qualifying skilled workers in China with practice-oriented vocational education and training (VET) from Germany.

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  • Do you require qualified skilled workers that have been trained according to the most recent industrial standards?
  • Do you represent an educational institution whose teaching staff are to be trained in a more practice-oriented way in the future?
  • Contact the iMOVE in China, your gateway to "Training - Made in Germany".

At the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Shanghai (AHK Shanghai), iMOVE can offer you solutions in the field of vocational education and training.

iMOVE collaborates with over 240 listed German education and training providers. All listed providers are characterised by a strong practical focus. The changing requirements of industry are the foundation for the modern learning methods and content of the education and training providers.


German Industry & Commerce Greater China | Shanghai
(AHK Shanghai)
29/F Gopher Center
No. 757 Mengzi Road Huangpu District
Shanghai 200023
People's Republic of China

AHK Greater China: iMOVE - Qualify your staff with practice oriented VET from Germany


The iMOVE representation has been located at the AHK Shanghai since 1 July 2017. Both partners work in close cooperation and can identify suitable German providers for you and your plans in VET.

The iMOVE representation in China can provide you with various services:

  • Advice on German training and continuing education "Training - Made in Germany".
  • Coordination between supply and demand for German VET services.
  • Support for Chinese clients in establishing contacts and cooperation with the German training providers.
  • Advice on how to use the digital iMOVE B2B marketplace as the basis for Chinese-German business contacts.

What is iMOVE: Training – Made in Germany?

iMOVE is a neutral platform from the German Federal Government for the initiation of international cooperation in vocational training and continuing education.

iMOVE is the export initative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). As a work division at the Federal Institution for Vocational Education and Training, iMOVE promotes international collaboration and the initiation of business relationships in the field of initial and continuing vocational training.

iMOVE advertises abroad for German competence in VET with the "Training - Made in Germany" brand.


Learning video in Chinese: How dual VET in Germany works

Dual VET - vocational education and training in Germany

Learning video in Chinese

Success Stories

Success Stories

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A training solution for Industry 4.0

Festo Didactic SE • A fully automated learning factory prepares for work in an automated environment

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Logistics training for Chinese pupils

Pupils specialising in logistics from a professional training college in the Chinese Province of Jiangsu are completing a certified course in the area of transport and logistics in accordance with German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) standards. The programme will finish in 2019.

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China: Training to support learning culture 4.0

At the Shunde Polytechnic College in China teaching staff are able to complete a modular master trainer qualification. As part of this, they acquire subject-specific knowledge and competencies in didactic methodology to prepare them for the new learning culture 4.0.

German education providers with China expertise

German education providers with China expertise