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two Chinese women working at computers

BFW Bau Sachsen

Building intelligence in China

BFW Bau Sachsen • Energy efficient utilisation of building automation.

Chinese women in white coats stand in a row and draw syringes

Chinesisches Zentrum

Vocational school for geriatric care in China based on the German model

German Education Center • Possibility of practical deployment in Germany

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© Festo Didactic

A training solution for Industry 4.0

Festo Didactic SE • A fully automated learning factory prepares for work in an automated environment

students listening to an instructor

Logistics training for Chinese pupils

Pupils specialising in logistics from a professional training college in the Chinese Province of Jiangsu are completing a certified course in the area of transport and logistics in accordance with German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) standards. The programme will finish in 2019.

several chinese people sitting around a table preparing a poster

China: Training to support learning culture 4.0

At the Shunde Polytechnic College in China teaching staff are able to complete a modular master trainer qualification. As part of this, they acquire subject-specific knowledge and competencies in didactic methodology to prepare them for the new learning culture 4.0.

training scene

"International trainer aptitude certificate" for Chinese mechatronics teachers

Training in Germany for a greater practical focus at vocational schools and universities.

training scene

Continuing training for skilled workers and vocational school teachers in China

KWB Management GmbH conducts tailored training programmes for managers, young management staff and vocational school teachers in China. In 2016, KWB delivered continuing training to more than 600 participants in Hangzhou, Jinhua and Qingdao.
Jürgen Wilke in a discussion round

Continuing education for developing competency in China

The DRAGON project establishes a system of continuing education and training in China. It is lead-managed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO).
Chinese trainees receiving training in elderly care

Interview with Internationaler Bund (IB – International Confederation)

iMOVE interview with Silvia Schott, Deputy CEO of the Internationaler Bund (IB – International Confederation), May, 2012.