Training - investing to prevent a skilled worker shortage, even in a crisis

Besides recruiting skilled workers via the external labour market, internal training is the key way for a company to meet its demand for skilled workers.

According to the findings of a new representative survey conducted by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) on the costs and benefits of company-based training for the 2017/2018 training year, the net costs for companies have risen only slightly to 6,478 Euro per trainee per year compared to the last survey in 2012/2013.

BIBB President Esser stresses that, "even though the data does not allow any direct conclusions to be drawn regarding the current activities of companies in the Coronavirus period, the BIBB survey does show that for a majority of companies, training is worthwhile. This may be evident either during the training itself due to the productive contributions of trainees, savings made in recruitment costs when taking on the trainee, or as a result of other beneficial factors such as avoiding job vacancies, a high level of identification with the company and a long period of service with the company. In light of the sustained demand for skilled workers, companies would therefore be well advised to maintain their commitment to training at this time. This is because today's trainees are the desperately needed skilled workers of tomorrow."

Source: newsletter of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, revised by iMOVE, September 2020