German Trade Union Federation calls for easier recognition of foreign professional qualifications

"Immigrants must not be second-class employees"

Given the skilled worker shortage in many sectors, the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) is calling for recognition of foreign professional qualifications to be made easier. "Immigrants must not be second-class employees," says DGB board member Anja Piel.

She also explains that the coalition must make recognition of qualifications easier and must ensure that "conditions for placement to a position are fair". "Immigrants must also be employed in line with their qualifications; we are otherwise throwing away valuable potential." What's needed above all to combat the shortage of skilled workers, she adds, is "bold labour market policy-making" from the German federal government to enable the Federal Employment Agency to combat the growing shortfall with effective tools.

"And it's high time: around 44 percent of companies already lack the skilled staff they need," explains the DGB board member. "Attracting skilled workers is not rocket science: more training and continuing education, good working conditions, collectively agreed pay, improved work-life balance – those are the basics." More young people need appropriate vocational education and training, she explains. Those already in employment need good continuing education and training offers to be ready for digitalisation and the energy transition, and to be prepared for the changing world of work.

Piel repeated the DGB's call for a right to continuing education. There are also potential skilled workers among the older generations and among women – "far too many are stuck in mini jobs."

Source: (online newspaper for the city of Oldenburg), revised by iMOVE, September 2022