Further provisions of new legislation on skilled immigration enter into force

'Make it in Germany' supports skilled professionals and their employers in the immigration process

More skilled professionals for German businesses

In march 2024, another set of provisions of the new act and the ordinance on developing skilled immigration will enter into force in Germany.

Among other points, a 'recognition partnership' will be introduced. This gives skilled professionals from abroad an opportunity to gain a work visa for exercising a qualified profession in Germany before they leave their country, and to apply for having their foreign professional qualifications recognised after they come to Germany.

Furthermore, there will be better employment opportunities for persons with a wealth of practical professional experience. They will be allowed to exercise any non-regulated profession as long as they have vocational qualifications or a higher-education diploma recognised in their home country plus two years of professional experience.

Also, their salary in Germany must be equivalent to at least 45 percent of the contribution assessment ceiling that applies for Germany's statutory pension insurance (2024: €40,770 annual gross income) or the job must be subject to a collective labour agreement. In November last year, the new rules on the European Union (EU) Blue Card for highly qualified persons entered into force.

Says Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck:

"The new provisions under the Skilled Immigration Act make it easier for companies to attract suitable skilled professionals and workers. Now it is important to speed up visa and administrative procedures, which are still slowing down the immigration of skilled professionals, and to ensure that as little bureaucracy as possible is attached to the new rules on skilled immigration. A successful implementation of the Act will require us to implement a true culture of welcome on the part of our public authorities, companies, and society at large. Our 'Make it in Germany' portal gives skilled professionals and employers all the information they need, thus supporting companies as they attract skilled professionals from abroad."

'Make it in Germany' offers guidance through the reform

The 'Make it in Germany' portal of the Federal Government, for which the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has lead responsibility, offers information on the new legal framework. It informs skilled professionals from abroad and German companies about the applicable law, procedures and everything else they need to know in the context of skilled immigration.

In addition to multilingual texts, images and interactive tools providing information on the website, the project also offers multi media services such as videos, guidelines for employees, and tailored advisory services.

Targeting audiences in Germany and abroad, 'Make it in Germany' disseminates information on the new possibilities for skilled immigration und uses online marketing, social media, webinars and a newsletter for this purpose.

Package of information: package of information for welcoming skilled professionals from abroad

The portal now has a new package of information for employers seeking to attract skilled professionals from abroad. It helps with the integration of these professionals from the point where they enter the country and provides them with hints about living in Germany.

Employees can add their own information on the company and the region to this. These individualised packages of information can then be digitally transmitted to new employees before they leave their home country and serve as a token of welcome on the part of the company.

Links with further information

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Source: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, bmwk.de, Press Release, revised by iMOVE, 29.02.2024