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Acceptance of profession is critical for career decision

When making their career decision, it is important to young people that the career is accepted in their social environment.

Experts call for Vocational Schools' Pact

"The obsession with academia has subsided" - and now is especially the time when non-academic training needs strengthening. This is the view of educational theorist Julian Nida-Rümelin. Individual cooperative arrangements between vocational schools and universities already exist, but experts are calling for uniform regulation.

Increase in the supply of training places

Positive trend in training market over past year

Ten percent more trainees

The Concerted Action for Nursing sets binding targets for care training in "Nursing Training Offensive".

Companies with modern technology use online training more often

Companies which have invested heavily in World of Work 4.0 technologies over the last five years are more likely to use e-learning for further training.

New OECD report on future-ready systems of adult education and training

The new OECD report "Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems" uses a range of indicators to compare the situation in the countries investigated and identifies the key areas for reform in each country.

10 years of STEM vocational education and training

The COACHING4FUTURE programme is proof of just how creative people can be when working in the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For 10 years, young STEM experts at higher-level secondary schools across Baden-Württemberg have been inspiring others and generating enthusiasm for technical occupations and new technologies.

How Augsburg is helping in Kenya

A foundation is campaigning for high-quality training in Africa. Four teachers are now coming to Germany to receive training themselves.

Anja Karliczek, Minister of Education, visits Ledder Workshops Centre

She wants to make 2019 the "Year of Vocational Education and Training". It is particularly important to Anja Karliczek is that skilled craft and university-based education and training are valued as equivalents.

Industry 4.0 for South African vocational school teachers

The East Bavarian Inter-Company Training Centre (ÜBZO) is seeking to provide continuing training to vocational school teachers in South Africa. The project is scheduled to begin soon in Pretoria. 

International iMOVE offices to meet in Bonn

In June 2019, iMOVE will once again host a 3-day staff meeting of the iMOVE offices in China and India as well as the contact point Iran at the iMOVE headquarters in Bonn.

30 trainees complete MAN vocational education and training

All of them start with a permanent contract for the future.