Heinze Akademie Pioneers TVET Transformation through China Overseas Training for Innovation Team

Heinze Akademie proudly launched the "China Overseas Training Project for TVET Innovation Team" in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Education. The three-week initiative brought together 209 outstanding teachers from 43 vocational colleges and universities across China for specialized training in Germany.

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The training project took place from January 8 to March 8, 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.

The program delved into various aspects of the German vocational education system, covering its history, personnel training methods, curriculum structures, teaching approaches, assessment methods, and the dual system of industry-teaching integration. To enhance the learning experience, Chinese participants visited esteemed institutions such as the Hamburg Vocational Training Center.

Emerging from discussions on vocational education cooperation between the Prime Ministers of China and Germany, the "China Overseas Training Project for TVET Innovation Team" has firmly established itself. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China is set to lead its implementation from 2019 onward.

Selected members of teaching innovation teams from vocational colleges and universities are sent abroad for training, embarking on a transformative three- week journey to become high-quality, specialized, and innovative instructors. Heinze Akademie plays a pivotal role in this global initiative.

True cooperation, joint efforts based on trust, and a sincere two-way street are what the world needs most today.

Jan Heinze, Managing Director of Heinze Akademie

Jan Heinze, Managing Director of Heinze Akademie, emphasizes, "True cooperation, joint efforts based on trust, and a sincere two-way street are what the world needs most today."

Heinze Academy in China: Looking ahead

In collaboration with Chinese partners, Heinze Akademie successfully developed a digital solution to train over 1,100 Chinese vocational school teachers between 2020 and 2023. This online course, tailored for the project, has provided invaluable training experience.

Looking ahead, Heinze Akademie remains resolute in its commitment to developing and implementing personalized technical training courses. The aim is to empower clients, helping them enhance competitiveness in key transformation areas.

Additionally, Heinze Akademie plans to expand collaborations with more vocational colleges and universities, contributing to the cultivation of a high-quality, professional, and innovative team of highly qualified dual-teachers. Join Heinze Akademie on this journey as it continues to redefine excellence in vocational education, leaving a lasting impact on the global stage.


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