iMOVE in Iran

Vocational education and training from Germany to provide qualifications for skilled workers in Iran.

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Looking for "Training - Made in Germany"? The iMOVE Contact point Iran is your gateway to the German education and training industry. Find the right German partner for your proposals in the area of training and continuing education with support from the iMOVE Contact point Iran. iMOVE collaborates with over 240 listed German education and training providers.

Address iMOVE in Iran

Bukharest, 8th Street, No.7
(Arian Bldg.)
P.O.Box: 15875-6118
Tehran - Iran


The iMOVE representation Iran provides a range of services to support the Iranian-German cooperation in the area of vocational training and continuing education. These include:

  • Establishing contact with German providers
  • Expertise in all issues relating to "Training - Made in Germany"
  • Advice on cooperation with the German education and training industry

What is iMOVE: Training – Made in Germany?

iMOVE is a neutral platform from the German Federal Government for the initiation of international cooperation in vocational training and continuing education.

iMOVE is the export initative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). As a work division at the Federal Institution for Vocational Education and Training, iMOVE promotes international collaboration and the initiation of business relationships in the field of initial and continuing vocational training.

iMOVE advertises abroad for German competence in VET with the "Training - Made in Germany" brand.


Learning video in Farsi: How dual VET in Germany works

How does dual education and training work in the Germany? This is explained in an 8 minute film.

Learning video in Farsi

Success Stories

Success Stories

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German short-term experts train teachers in Iran

Since October 2017, the SBH - Education & Craft Foundation (Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk) has had a Vocational Training Partnership in place with Iran. This will continue to run until the end of September 2020.

Training scene

Skilled refrigeration and air conditioning technology workers in Iran

The "Climate Competence IRAN" project provides training for teaching staff

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German education providers with Iran expertise

German education providers with Iran expertise