"International trainer aptitude certificate" for Chinese mechatronics teachers

Chinese trainee works in a training center

Training in Germany for a greater practical focus at vocational schools and universities.

Starting in November 2017, 54 teachers from China completed training in mechatronics and motor vehicle mechatronics in the German cities of Dortmund and Hamm. The objective was to deliver practical learning content and teaching methods as well as an improved understanding of the dual system in Germany.

Upon completion of their final examination, all those involved obtained the International Trainer Aptitude Certificate (iADA) – based on the German Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (Ausbildereignungsverordnung AEVO) – from the Dortmund International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

The contracting authority for the training measure was the Ministry of Education for Henan province who had made the relevant request to the Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

iMove's office in China, which is based in Shanghai, brought the Chinese party together with German training partners.

The measure was implemented by the Institute for Dortmund Training and Careers e. V. (GBB) in cooperation with the Dortmund International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts and Trades and the Hamm Vocational Retraining Centre (for adults with disabilities).

German trainer talks to three Chinese trainees

A range of training requirements

The training participants included teaching staff from vocational schools and universities. The variety of educational establishments meant that the training entailed a range of different requirements.

In order to also meet the needs of university teaching staff, the GBB had organised provision to supplement the training measure, the actual focus of which was vocational education and training.

This included, for example, excursions to universities of applied science and a three day seminar on "Technology teaching focused on problem-solving and practice". The training also included further visits to educational institutions.

The GBB had also organised a recreational programme. For example, guests visited BVB (Borussia Dortmund football club), the Gasometer in Oberhausen and they also held a small table tennis and badminton tournament.

The training was conducted in German and was translated into Chinese by an interpreter. The final examination was completed in both languages.

Examinees completed the written section in Chinese, and the services of the interpreter were again called on for the oral examination.

Chinese trainers observe German trainees

Further training planned

The aim, following completion of the training activity, is for the Chinese-German collaboration to be continued with additional training in Germany. Representatives from the Henan Ministry of Education underlined this intention with their visit to Germany during the training.

The plan is for the Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce and Industry to also run activities in China in addition to the training measures in Germany.

The lecturers and trainers enjoyed working with motivated and interested Chinese teaching staff. The practical teaching was, in turn, particularly valuable for the guests who would have liked the learning to have lasted for longer than twelve weeks.

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Feedback from Chinese teaching staff

Following the return of the teaching staff to Henan province, ZHANG Ye, who is based at the iMOVE office in China, interviewed some of those who participated in the twelve-week training in Germany. Read some extracts from the interviews here.

Photos: GBB and participants of the training