Interview with the Com-Unic Medical Campus

Group photo of trainers and trainees in front of ambulance in Dakar, Senegal

iMOVE: What is your company's name and background?

Seiler: The Com-Unic Medical Campus is part of the Com-Unic Group, which was established in 2000. Our international team offers competent and comprehensive further education development solutions and creates strategies to improve medical care and paramedic services.

The Medical Campus draws on an experienced network of experts who have a portfolio of international experience with various emergency services systems at their disposal. Together with regional partners, they use their particular experience in various research projects to find solutions tailored to individual problems.

iMOVE: Which services in the field of vocational education and training do you offer?

Seiler: We offer various training courses in the field of medical care as an official Center of the American Heart Association. For example the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider (ACLS) course is aimed at professional medical staff who are expected to fill leading or support positions in the emergency treatment of adult patients, both in and beyond the hospital setting.

The Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider (PALS) course is aimed at professional medical staff in the field of emergency treatment of pediatric patients, both in and beyond the hospital setting. The course focuses on the prevention of cardiac arrest.

Our 'Intensive Courses' are practice courses which focus on realistic medical simulation training. To reinforce the knowledge you acquired during your e-learning, this content will be elaborated upon in the intensive module. In addition, we also offer e-learning courses.

Our innovative dual further education training model successfully links theory and practice. This model is based on the SMEDEX e-Learning and Education Management System developed by our Swiss partners. You can select the focal point best suited to your individual needs and attend the official ACLS or PALS provider course after successfully completing the practice modules. Thanks to the modular structure, it is easy to structure your learning in a flexible and appealing way. The dual further education system has been specially designed for those working in the healthcare sector.

There is also a wide range of training in the field of intercultural competences. Classical soft skills such as presentation training, telephone training or for e.g. management training for international management are part of our programme.

iMOVE: What is your international business experience?

Seiler: In addition to its Heidelberg offices, Com-Unic is engaged in a number of joint ventures and partnerships worldwide. Our main focus lies on the DACH countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We have successfully sold our courses and built up joint ventures in critical care and emergency medicine in Abu Dhabi, West Africa and the Near East.

The photos shown here are from a course unit we held in Dakar, Senegal, in 2011, during which we trained the local emergency services staff according to German standards. Also, in a consulting function we analyzed their working processes, optimizing them in keeping with international standards. This helped to establish a more effective and responsive local emergency services system, which in concrete terms will allow the staff there to save more lives.

Our experience and expertise are particularly in demand in countries where emergency medical services are being developed or restructured. This means that we don't actively look for clients in these countries; instead we are approached by local officials and emergency service organizations.

iMOVE: Which key service do you have to offer a successful cooperation with international partners?

Seiler: I think that our blended learning offers a unique approach that makes it possible to combine distance learning with traditional classroom training. This saves our customers money and, above all, time.

Our intercultural skills and large pool of internationally experienced consultants and trainers are features that our international partners value highly.

In the end, however, it is training "made in Germany" that sells well throughout the world.

© photos: Com-Unic Medical Campus

iMOVE interview with Alexander Seiler, CEO of the Com-Unic Group GmbH, November, 2012.

Portrait of the CEO of the Com-Unic Group
Alexander Seiler, CEO of the Com-Unic Group GmbH
Group photo of local emergency services staff after medical training in Dakar, Senegal
Training of the local emergency services staff according to German standards in Dakar, Senegal


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