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Renac trainees in Costa Rica


iMOVE: What is the name and background of your organisation?

Breid: With its headquarters in Berlin, RENAC is a unique provider of vocational training and capacity building services in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Since its establishment in 2008, almost two thousand participants from more than a 100 countries have benefitted from RENAC's training courses and services and also from the incidental exchange amongst each other.

iMOVE: Which services in the field of vocational education and training do you offer?

Breid: Besides a wide range of training courses in the renewable energy sector which are mostly tailored to the specific needs of the respective customer, we offer a variety of capacity building services. Through measures such as capacity needs assessments, the implementation of training centers for practical trainings, the adaptation of training materials to local conditions, Train-the-Trainer programmes and quality assurance services we support our partners abroad to set-up their own training capacities for green energies.

In order to increase worldwide attention for its educational programmes, RENAC directly addresses energy agencies, educational institutions, ministries and enterprises in the respective target countries. It likewise closely cooperates with German institutions and associations that are part of a strong international network, including iMOVE.

iMOVE: What are your international business experiences?

Breid: Our international experiences and contacts are manifold. So I would like to present one success story as an example of many others. RENAC is currently supporting the Earth University in Costa Rica to expand their capacities for renewable energy training. In a first step, RENAC has designed and implemented a renewable energy training center for hands-on training, including practical equipment for biogas, photovoltaics, solar, thermal and wind energy.

In a second step, RENAC offers Train-the-Trainer seminars for the local lecturers in order to use the equipment and to offer their trainees a high-quality training. In the future, the training center can be used by the Earth University but also by RENAC itself offering courses for Central America.

iMOVE: Which key service do you have on offer for a successful cooperation with international partners?

Breid: Through projects like the one at Earth University, RENAC aims to strengthen the basis for an increased use of green energy technologies. Educating people who are able to handle the technology and the design as well as the compilation, building, operation and maintenance of systems is one of the most important instruments. By facilitating know-how transfer to students, lecturers, and the renewable energy industry, the foundation for sustainable local value creation can be built.

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iMOVE interview with Berthold Breid, CEO of the Renewables Academy (RENAC), August, 2012.

Berthold Breid
Berthold Breid, CEO of the Renewables Academy (RENAC)


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