Interview with the BFW Bau Sachsen e. V.

iMOVE: What is the name and background of your organisation?

Jens-Uwe Strehle: The BFW Bau Sachsen e. V. (Vocational Promotion Centre Saxony) was founded in 1991. We have just celebrated our 20th anniversary this summer. With our four training centres, we are the number-one full-service supplier for construction training in the Free State of Saxony, Germany.

iMOVE: Which services in the field of vocational education and training do you offer? 

Jens-Uwe Strehle: We offer special courses for new technologies and new building materials, we carry out executive and management training courses, we provide modular job training centre construction as well as private job service for all construction trades. We are working closely with the Association of the building industry in Saxony. We also carry on the Bauakademie Sachsen.

iMOVE: What are your international business experiences? 

Jens-Uwe Strehle: We offer executive training courses for foreign partners in German, English and Russian in their home countries or at our location in Saxony. Our courses are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Currently, we are involved in the German Education Network for Employability (GENEV) which is a cooperation pool of German vocational training providers and organisations. It aims at transferring training "Made in Germany" to Vietnam. In cooperation with the College of Urban Works Construction (CUWC) in Hanoi and Hue in Vietnam, we have carried out the pilot course "Train-the-Trainer" (ttt). 15 Vietnamese teachers and trainers first received a theoretical training in Hanoi in August 2011, followed by a three-week practical training in Germany.

iMOVE: Which key service do you have on offer for a successful cooperation with international partners? 

Jens-Uwe Strehle: We are working very closely with the building industry in Germany and support their concerted export efforts. We provide reliable and sustainable information on new materials and techniques in construction and civil engineering through trainings. In this regard we receive full support from the German building industry and from the College as well.


Logo of BFW Bau Sachsen

BFW Bau Sachsen e. V.
ÜAZ Leipzig
Heiterblickstrasse 35
04347 Leipzig

Phone: +49  341 2455-70

Contact person:

Hens-Uwe-Strehle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Jens-Uwe Strehle
Jens-Uwe Strehle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BFW Bau Sachsen e. V.
Practical training as concrete worker
Practical training for Vietnamese trainers in the field of concrete construction in Germany.