Interview with Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin

iMOVE interview with Dr. Wilfrid Lammers, Head of the Siemens Technik Akademie, February, 2011.

iMOVE: What is the name and background of your organisation?

Dr. Wilfrid Lammers: The Siemens Technik Akademie (STA) Berlin is a state-recognized technical college with a strong international focus. Next to the technical expertise the four pillars of STA Berlin are always in focus - Internationality, Networking, Knowledge Transfer and Teamwork.

The STA Berlin belongs to the Siemens Professional Education organization, the educational partner for professional qualifications of Siemens employees in Germany.

iMOVE: Which services in the field of vocational education and training do you offer?

Dr. Lammers: The core programme offered by STA Berlin is a four-year bachelor programme in cooperation with the Beuth Hochschule (University of Applied Science) for school-leavers with a high-school diploma (German Abitur) leading to the state-approved qualification of the Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems. The complete programme is conducted in English and internationality plays an important role during the education.

Next to this Bachelor Program the STA Berlin offers different international programmes which focus on the training of college students and Siemens employees worldwide.

These programmes are: The Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) - an international comprehensive skills industry standard skills certification in mechatronic systems which is offered together with partner schools around the world. The International Employee Development Program (IEDP) is an internal further education programme for Siemens employees, seen for a middle management position, from around the world.

iMOVE: What are your international business experiences?

Dr. Lammers: Especially in the framework of the SMSCP and IEDP the STA Berlin has a lot of connections around the world. The SMSCP is currently working together with 14 partner schools around the world - in the United States, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and for the future partnerships are planned with different colleges and universities in the UK, South Africa, India and the Middle East. With the IEDP an International Siemens network is growing with connections to China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Russia and Europe.

iMOVE: Which key service do you have on offer for a successful cooperation with international partners?

Dr. Lammers: In regard to the SMSCP the two main services we offer are Instructor Certification courses and Student certifications. The Instructor Certification courses are normally conducted in Germany at the STA Berlin. The students at our partner colleges will be taught by the Certified Instructors and in the end they take an online examination which is generated by us in order to get the Siemens certificate.

The services connected to the IEDP consist of a teambuilding and content-oriented training at the STA Berlin and a practical training in different Siemens factories throughout Germany. In any case, all services offered by the STA Berlin base on the teaching concept System Approach which always keeps the whole system in focus and provides young professionals with "Handlungskompetenz".
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