E-learning increases efficiency of training

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Better achieve your learning objectives with a standardised level of prior Knowledge.

At the start of every training course or professional qualification, instructors and teachers always ask the same questions: What prior knowledge do the participants have? Do they all have the same level of knowledge? Or, do I have to spend valuable time at the start ensuring they have the same shared knowledge base?

This kind of basic training hampers the better-prepared learners and leaves less time to cover the scheduled content. This is where Bosch Rexroth's e-learning offering comes into play in the form of the Drive & Control Academy.

Learning modules with audiovisual and interactive content convey the necessary basic knowledge about physical laws and the principles of the most important automation technologies before the classroom learning even begins.

E-learning also allows students the freedom to decide the time and place of their own learning. They can even adapt the electronic training to their own pace, too, in order to prepare as best they can for the class. In the last ten years, several thousand learners have already benefited from this technology.

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Without focusing on any manufacturer in particular, the e-learning modules deliver basic knowledge about the key technologies in factory automation and plant engineering. The spectrum ranges from industrial and mobile hydraulics to electric drives and controls, as well as covering linear technology, functional safety and energy efficiency.

Learners will receive a certificate on successful completion of the integrated final examination. Mastering the basics increases the efficiency of work, further education or subsequent classroom training.

E-learning by Bosch Rexroth is used in both operational training and continuing education of technical professionals, as well as for technical and engineering training in schools and higher education institutes. Leading German businesses use it to ensure all of the production and services teams in their facilities across the globe are at the same level of training.

Classroom trainers can also keep referring back to the animations and other clips included in the learning modules at any time; this can be useful for illustrating content or even using e-learning for group work.

In emerging countries, e-learning modules by Bosch Rexroth are being used with increasing frequency in private and public educational institutes. This makes it possible to standardise the various levels of prior knowledge at a higher level and ensure everyone achieves their learning objectives.

All modules are available in German, English and Spanish, with some available in other languages such as Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Chinese. Our industry customers with chargeable licences include prestigious names from the automotive, metallurgy and press industries. Bosch Rexroth sponsors around 70 per cent of the licence costs for industry-independent educational institutions.
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