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Ednana Hofmann-Winkels

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Expert at the dual system in vocational education and product engeneering for electronic manu

    Corporate Profile

    Academy Vocational...a successful story...

    The history of the Academy Vocational is very successful story. Ednana Hofmann Winkels founded these company in 2019 with the idea, to enrich people all of the world with vocational education. The German duals-system of vocational education has a very good name all over the world. These system needs good trainers. The Academy Vocational creates good and professional trainers. At her side is Frank Winkels, the cofounder of this Company, who has more than 35 years of experience as a vocational trainer  at the field of electronics in Germany. In 2020 the Academy Vocational bought the company "Ausbildungsverbund-Mönchengladbach" in witch more than 100 trainees will be trained for their professional jobs in the electronic and mechanical area. A team of 10 trainers enrich in this company the apprentices at their vocational field. The workshops of "Ausbildungsverbund Mönchengladbach" provide their costumers a system of training in technical-courses. A lot of costumers at the area of Mönchengladbach use this offer to ensure, that their apprentices will be successful trained on a high level.

    The Academy Vocational offers also all this training courses outside the borders of Germany or even Europe. In line of this the Academy Vocational offers consultations to install the system of vocational training in other countries. For example: In cooperation with the AHK of Italy, the Academy Vocational successfully guided to the dual system of education in the field of mechatronics.

    You want to start with vocational education, need a practical way to ensure this way?

    You need good trained vocational trainer, who is able to train the apprentices, not only at the technical field, but also with the best didactical methods?

    We train your trainer to ensure this goals.

    The Academy Vocational Winkels Hofmann GmbH ist your right partner.

    We looking forward to meet you.

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