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Key competencies

As a federal enterprise we offer sustainable and effective solutions in political, economic and social change processes.

    Corporate Profile

    The services delivered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH draw on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and tried and tested management know-how. As a federal enterprise, we support the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

    The services we provide in the field of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) bridge the gap between the need for reform and the provision of expertise on change processes. We make know-how available, structure and support reform processes and also organise initial and further training for actors in TVET and the labour market.

    We facilitate an international exchange of experience wherever TVET and labour market frameworks are suitable for use in partner countries. A key part of our role is to seek alliances and provide specialist knowledge for sustainable solutions. In multi-donor settings, we emphasise complementary measures. Our holistic, tailor-made approach connects a multitude of state and private sector actors at all levels.

    In terms of Human capacity development (HCD), we focus on strengthening institutions involved in researching, developing and managing TVET by conducting organisational development measures, training experts and managers, and providing access to international expertise in the sector.

    In addition, GIZ puts together suitable packages of services in the TVET sector to enable our partners to:

    • integrate learners and learning processes in everyday working life and ensure lifelong on-the-job training; 
    • train instructors, consultants and managerial staff working in the fields of TVET and the labour market; 
    • introduce recognised standards into the employment and education system in the form of national or regional qualification frameworks; 
    • establish TVET and labour market research as independent academic disciplines that share their insights with practitioners; 
    • make the transition from training to productive work more efficient.

    Web content available in:

    • English
    • German

    Industry sectors

    Products & services

    Services are already offered in

    • Zimbabwe
    • Zambia
    • Yemen
    • Viet Nam
    • Uzbekistan
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Ukraine
    • Uganda
    • Turkmenistan
    • Turkey
    • Tunisia
    • Togo
    • Timor-Leste
    • Thailand
    • Tanzania, United Republic Of
    • Tajikistan
    • Syrian Arab Republic
    • Sri Lanka
    • South Sudan
    • South Africa
    • Sierra Leone
    • Serbia
    • Senegal
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Rwanda
    • Russian Federation
    • Philippines
    • Peru
    • Paraguay
    • Panama
    • Palestinian Territory
    • Pakistan
    • Oman
    • Nigeria
    • Niger
    • Nicaragua
    • Nepal
    • Namibia
    • Mozambique
    • Morocco
    • Montenegro
    • Mongolia
    • Moldova
    • Mexico
    • Mauritania
    • Mali
    • Malawi
    • Madagascar
    • North Macedonia
    • Liberia
    • Lebanon
    • Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Kuwait
    • Kenya
    • Kazakhstan
    • Jordan
    • Indonesia
    • India
    • Honduras
    • Haiti
    • Guinea
    • Guatemala
    • Ghana
    • Germany
    • Georgia
    • Fiji
    • Ethiopia
    • El Salvador
    • Egypt
    • Ecuador
    • Dominican Republic
    • Côte d'Ivoire
    • Costa Rica
    • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
    • Colombia
    • China
    • Chile
    • Chad
    • Cameroon
    • Cambodia
    • Burundi
    • Burkina Faso
    • Brazil
    • Botswana
    • Bosnia And Herzegovina
    • Bolivia
    • Benin
    • Belgium
    • Bangladesh
    • Azerbaijan
    • Armenia
    • Angola
    • Algeria
    • Albania
    • Afghanistan

    Services can be offered in the following languages

    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • German
    • French
    • English
    • Chinese
    • Arabic

    Internationally known certifications/memberships

    • Global Compact (United Nations)
    • ILO/Cinterfor
    • EFQM – European Foundation for Quality Management
    • DeGEval – Gesellschaft für Evaluation e. V. / German Evaluation Society
    • EADI – European Association of Development
    • Fair Company ( and Handelsblatt)
    • among the 100 most popular employers 2011 (Wirtschaftswoche and trendence)

    Cooperation partners abroad

    • Ministries
    • Trade associations
    • Non-governmental organisations
    • Chambers
    • Embassies
    • Private sector
    • Education and training institutions

    Target groups

    Specialists and (young) executives as well as decision-makers in industry, politics, administration and civil society.