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Key competencies

Language Courses and Intercultural Training (Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian).

    Corporate Profile

    The Landesspracheninstitut is an institution for the professional teaching of foreign language and intercultural competence. Many years of experience in intensive courses and innovative forms of language teaching complement each other.

    The focus of the pedagogical activities is the learner with his or her individual personal requirements, strengths and goals. Our goal is to meet these requirements and to create optimal conditions for individual learning success. An informal learning atmosphere in small groups provides the framework for experiencing the joy of new linguistic and cultural experiences.

    The goal of the didactic design of the intensive courses at LSI is an efficient adaptation of practical language content and skills to the needs of the course participants. The use of these skills in real-life, e.g. professional contexts is of primary importance.

    LSI traditionally meets its course participants primarily in face-to-face classes, but in the future it will also meet them in new places of social communication, thus anticipating formats and requirements for concepts of e-learning and mobile learning.

    The Landesspracheninstitut practices a wide variety of teaching and learning methods based on scientific research, from interactive role-plays and practical training forms to web-based offerings. In group, partner and individual work, language skills are acquired through multimedia, and newly acquired skills are tried out and practiced. All individual skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing, are taken into account appropriately.

    In addition to the central course offerings in Bochum, LSI also supports language learning internationally. LSI's courses abroad in China, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Russia and Ukraine teach languages in their country-specific context and allow for direct application. The Landesspracheninstitut cooperates with numerous renowned universities and institutions abroad.

    The LSI considers itself to be an institution that actively creates linguistic and cultural bridges and thus facilitates access to the cultural understanding of others. To reduce foreignness while at the same time maintaining the fascination of the foreign is the task and challenge that the teachers at LSI set themselves. Linguistic action is therefore closely related to intercultural competence.

    The qualifications of the teachers at a high professional level is an essential requirement and prerequisite for success in teaching at LSI. Experienced German and foreign lecturers work closely together in international teams and thus contribute to the diversity of teaching practice. Through further training and international networking, our teachers are always up to date on issues of foreign language teaching and country-specific knowledge.

    Cross-course language learning and follow-up support for participants through online courses or language activation are important prerequisites for long-term success. LSI also offers its graduates up-to-date information on how to maintain the language skills they have acquired.

    Optimal course planning and the administration of LSI support the popularity of our offers in the background. It is important to LSI to offer its course participants an optimal infrastructure. We are therefore committed to providing effective and comfortable equipment for the classrooms and the guest house.

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    Services are already offered in

    • Russian Federation
    • Korea, Republic Of
    • Jordan
    • Japan
    • China

    Services can be offered in the following languages

    • German
    • Chinese
    • Arabic
    • English
    • Russian
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    Cooperation partners abroad

    Arab World

    • German-Jordanian University of Amman 
      Cooperation partner of LSI since 2009 
    • Philipps University Marburg, Center for Near and Middle East Studies
      Exchange and cooperation in the field of teaching and development of teaching materials 
    • Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes - Université Tunis El Manar 


    • Nanjing (Nanking) University [Nanjing Daxue] 
      Cooperation partner of LSI since 1983. For over 100 years one of the most respected universities in one of China's old capitals, Nanking, with roots reaching far back into the imperial education system. 
    • Tongji University [Tonji Daxue], Shanghai
      Cooperation partner of LSI since 2003. A university founded in Shanghai in 1907 on German initiative; today it is particularly renowned in the field of civil engineering and for its excellent German education. 
    • BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) [Beijing Waiguoyu Daxue]
      Cooperation partner of LSI since 1997. Beijing University is considered one of China's best training centres for foreign language studies and maintains close contacts with the Chinese Foreign Ministry and other government agencies.
      Remark: After careful consideration and practical experience the LSI-Sinicum cooperates in all three cases with the German or German Studies departments of the universities concerned, both with regard to its need for guest lecturers in Bochum and to support the special courses of the LSI-Sinicum held locally, i.e. in Beijing, Shanghai or Nanking. 
    • Shenzhen University (SZU), Shenzhen
      Cooperation partner of LSI since January 2019. Shenzhen University, located in the city of Shenzhen, was founded in 1983. In recent years, it has developed into an attractive multidisciplinary university. Currently, SZU has approximately 35,000 full-time students. The geographical location of the SZU in East Asia is ultimately attracting more and more international students. 
    • German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH, Bonn
      Participation of the LSI-Sinicum in the selection of scholarship holders (H.-Nixdorf-Program); preparation of the scholarship holders for their stay in China. 
    • German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn
      Participation of the LSI-Sinicum in the selection of scholarship holders of different DAAD China programs; preparation of scholarship holders for a stay in China. 
    • Federal Foreign Office, Berlin
      On behalf of the "Akademie Auswärtiger Dienst" of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the LSI-Sinicum prepares the examination tasks for the Chinese language tests for the entrance examinations to the senior and higher foreign service. 


    • Rikkyo University Tokyo 
      Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2002 
    • Osaka University, School of Foreign Studies
      Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2007 (successor of the cooperation with the Osaka University of Foreign Studies) 
    • Waseda University Tokyo, Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics
      Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2005 
    • Dokkyo University, Soka, Department of German
      Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2010 


    • Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU), Faculty of Philology, Chair of Russian as a Foreign Language 
      Cooperation partnership since 2013 
    • Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU), Institute of Russian Language and Culture
      Cooperation partnership since 2005 
    • Russian-German Institute at the Moscow Higher Institute of Transportation (MIIT)
      Cooperation partnership since 2014