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Logo: rps training & consulting GmbH

rps training & consulting GmbH

Customised training in management systems, information technology and (foreign) languages
Logo: Ruanla Consulting Agency

Ruanla Consulting Agency

Connecting trainings in Germany and Thailand, organisation of study trips and internships in Germany
Logo: Sachsen Wasser GmbH

Sachsen Wasser GmbH

Sachsen Wasser provides training services in all areas of water and wastewater utility management
Logo: Safebridge GmbH

Safebridge GmbH

The worldwide leading provider of web-based E-learning products for the maritime industry
Logo: SBH - Education & Craft Foundation

SBH - Education & Craft Foundation

Industrial/technical, commercial, nursing, information processing, medical, social, pedagogical occupations
Logo: Seeger Management Service GmbH

Seeger Management Service GmbH

Training and further education in all fields of quality management; Organizational and personnel development; Coaching
Logo: SGM Educational Solutions

SGM Educational Solutions

Blended Learning, IT Apps & Content, VET Train-the-Trainer, Industrial Training, EQF, e-learning, digital transformation
Logo: Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin

Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin

"System Approach" - special set of teaching methods, industry focused technical education, internationality
Logo: sikos GmbH

sikos GmbH

Training and consulting in the field of human resources


Support for employees in developing mindsets, behaviours and strategies to generate sustainable growth
Logo: SinaLingua e.K.

SinaLingua e.K.

Specialist for cross-cultural management training and educational networking between Germany and China
Logo: SKZ - German Plastics Center

SKZ - German Plastics Center

Practically focused, high level courses in all aspects of plastics processing and working
Logo: Smadias - German Instructors Academy

Smadias - German Instructors Academy

Qualifying of instructors and trainers; support for companies in planning and organising courses, workshops and seminars


Specialist in requirements engineering and object orientation
Logo: SPA GmbH, Simson Private Akademie

SPA GmbH, Simson Private Akademie

High-level industrial training in the field of metal processing and working
Logo: Sprachzentrale Leipzig

Sprachzentrale Leipzig

Tailor-made language training (German as a foreign language), study & internship preparation, technical training
Logo: SRH Berufliche Rehabilitation GmbH

SRH Berufliche Rehabilitation GmbH

Berufsförderungswerk (BFW), vocational training centre, vocational rehabilitation, retraining, physical disability
Logo: SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden

SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden

Hotel and catering occupations, preparing people for management positions in hotel and tourism industry
Logo: SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation

SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation

Global company-wide Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Design For Six Sigma deployments
Logo: State-Approved University Preparatory College Halle-Merseburg at the Merseburg University

State-Approved University Preparatory College Halle-Merseburg at the Merseburg University

Our College is entitled to award international applicants the higher education entrance qualification for Germany
Logo: STEAG Energy Services GmbH

STEAG Energy Services GmbH

Comprehensive training for thermal power plant organisations