iMOVE contact point in India: meet the new senior advisor

Since October 2020, Elke Carolin Demtschueck has been supporting the iMOVE contact point in India as a senior expert specialising in the Indian education and training market. Read her message to German training exporters.


Dear training exporters,

My name is Elke Carolin Demtschueck, and since October 2020 I have been supporting the iMOVE team as a senior expert specialising in the Indian education and training market.

I am a certified trainer and organisational consultant, and I have now been working with Indian partners for 15 years. In Delhi and in other locations, I have advised a range of both public and private sector institutions on effective vocational training offers, provided training at varying levels of qualification for company trainers, and together with Indian colleagues I have written a number of training handbooks. In the process, I have become acquainted with the multifaceted Indian education and training market—a market characterised by structural disparities and an almost incomprehensible mix of the modern and the traditional, and which constantly challenges our ability to adapt. 

I am passionately engaged in transferring knowledge and connecting people between the different cultural contexts and their individual characteristics. For many years, I have been working at the interface between public institutions/ministries and the private sector. In this context I am happy to offer an external perspective of the systems involved in order to develop common goals and to match supply with demand.

My Indian colleague Arunachalam Karthikeyan and I will support you in

  • developing tailor-made training offers for the Indian education and training market and positioning this correctly based on an extensive network which has expanded over time
  • identifying and examining opportunities for market entry by providing information and by utilising our continuous monitoring of the education and training market in India
  • introducing your preparation and bridging courses to institutions in India and to interested parties. These are courses aimed at Indian specialists and aspiring trainees seeking to take up employment in Germany 
  • building awareness of and promoting German education and training provision through a range of different channels (presentation by German providers in India, networking and B2B events, conferences etc.).

I look forward to talking with you! 


Elke Carolin Demtschueck

iMOVE in India

The "iMOVE in India" page includes the contact details for Elke Carolin Demtschueck and Arunachalam Karthikeyan.

Source: iMOVE