iMOVE Contact point Iran closed, overall cooperation continues

The local iMOVE contact point Iran will be closed on July 31st, 2020. Nonetheless, iMOVE will continue its work with Iran from Bonn, Germany.

two men smiling into the camera

Dr. Helge Koerner (left) and Amir Radfar (right)

We would like to express our deepest thanks to Dr. Helge Koerner, senior advisor at the iMOVE contact point Iran, and to Amir Radfar, head of operations of the iMOVE contact point Iran.

Both put forward tremendous effort to build up stable contact networks with our cooperation partners in Iran since September 2017. They have built a solid base, which allows iMOVE to continue enabling Iranian-German activities in the field of vocational education and training (VET) projects beyond the closing of the local contact point.

We wish both much success in their future consultancy work for the development of VET in Iran.

Source: iMOVE