Webinar with iMOVE: Impacts of the Coronavirus and the Economic Crisis on TVET Systems

On April 18, 2020, the iMOVE contact point Iran contributed live to the Iranian Industrial Management Institute (IMI) Instagram webinar on the impact of the Corona virus and the related economic crisis on TVET systems. Almost 200 persons attended the one-hour webinar.

The presentation of iMOVE focused on two main parts:

  1. A quick review on the impact of COVID-19 in Iran, Germany and other parts of the world with special focus on TVET systems, especially regarding e-learning and distance learning challenges.
  2. The question about what can be the expected consequences for TVET systems?

After a short glimpse at the work of iMOVE and its services, especially in Iran, the research activities of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) on the topic were also introduced.

The webinar forces on the challenges which TVET systems face in the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak:

  • Closing of many TVET schools and institutes, cancellations or postponement of exams and training courses
  • The rapid shifting to e-learning/distance learning methods and the challenges faced by the lack of infrastructure and poor preparation of the TVET systems to use methods of distance learning programmes effectively
  • The need for the rapid engagement of ICT and IT experts to support TVET systems.
  • Rapidly increasing demands for the engagement of the private sector and social partners for responding to these new challenges
  • How to continue training programmes during the COVID crisis and the required flexibility in TVET system to make the necessary changes and to respond quickly to the challenges that occur
  • Cost issues related to the required preparations for establishing and developing e-learning system.
  • Required changes in TVET legislation and regulations with respect to e-learning systems
  • How to provide skills to trainers and teachers in VET schools to enable them to use e-learning platforms efficiently
  • Cooperation and coordination needed among the TVET stakeholders to respond appropriately

 iMOVE also shared some ideas and thoughts about the future changes TVET systems might have to undergo.

Poster of the webinar

Source: iMOVE, April 2020