VET Alliance discusses implementation of the federal programme "Safeguard vocational training places"

The cabinet has approved the key elements of the federal programme "Safeguard vocational training places" and in doing so is acting on the agreement of the Alliance for Initial and Continuing Education and Training of 26 May 2020. 

Following this, the Alliance for Initial and Continuing Training, which comprises representatives of the federal government, business, trade unions, the federal states and the Federal Employment Agency, discussed the next steps in the implementation. The federal programme "Safeguard vocational training places" supplements pre-existing federal government funding instruments and will make an important contribution towards strengthening and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as training companies.

Companies, for example, who retain the same level of or expand training are to receive training bonuses. SMEs taking on trainees from other SMEs in insolvency due to the pandemic will receive a recruitment bonus for each trainee taken on. Finally, support for commissioned training and training in affiliated groups is planned in order to enable trainees from SME companies impacted by the coronavirus crisis to temporarily continue their training in another business or in an inter-company vocational training centre. Also, SMEs heavily impacted by a reduction in work hours, but who do not place their trainees and training personnel on reduced working hours, will also receive financial support.

The coronavirus pandemic is not only posing particular challenges for businesses concluding new training relationships. This year exceptional flexibility was needed in the running of the national final training and journeyman examinations. It was only possible to complete the final training and journeyman examinations on time thanks to the commitment of the voluntary examiners.

Source:, (press release of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), revised by iMOVE, December 2020